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WWDC 2018 – Unveiling What Apple Plans

Revolutionary technology, game-changing innovations, awe-inspiring features, and adaptive layout – Yes…we are talking about Apple. 

June 4th to June 8th – was the biggest week in Apple’s calendar. Both developers and user were waiting with bated breath for major product announcements (software & hardware) from Apple at the Worldwide Developer Conference – WWDC 2018.

WWDC was held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose. The WWDC this year was all about Software. There were no major hardware unveilings this year, unlike other WWDCs in which the iPhone2, 3 and 4 all were launched. Apart from the Single Watch Strap launched this year there was no new product was added to Apple’s kitty in 2018.

Announcements for 4 big software platforms iOS, tvOS, macOS and watchOS 5 12 were made at the conference this year.

iOS 12 – It’s all about performance

Source: Apple

With iOS12, Apple improved its performance by 2X. Let’s take you to the bunch of announcements about iOS12.

  • The ipads and iPhones will be faster and more responsive. Upgrades have been made over the previous version to better handle and optimize the performance of the device. Improvements have been made on the old devices as well and iOS 12 will run on all devices that currently run on iOS 11.
  • In WWDC 2017, Apple introduced ARKit to the developers, This year Apple is aiding the developers to share the AR videos on social media like Twitter and Facebook. For this, Apple has tied up with Pixar to create a new file format that is compact and optimized for sharing videos and GIF files that contain 3D animations. The open file format used for the AR software is called .usdz file format.
  • Siri now is more useful & smarter with Siri Shortcuts! Siri Shortcuts allow you to create unique catchphrases to trigger a single action or multiple actions on your command. The actions can be performed on a single app or multiple apps at one go. For instance, if you create a shortcut for the sentence “I can’t find my wallet”, Siri would trigger your app to beep an alarm to assist you in finding your wallet. Similarly, you could activate a series of actions like “Let’s Go Home”. Siri Shortcuts would show you the directions back home and simultaneously send a text to your mom with the same message.

Another example of how Siri has turned smarter. If you are late for a meeting, Siri would send a pre-set message to the organizer that you are running late.

  • Apple has unveiled a new set of customizable Animoji, now called as Memoji that can be personalized to look like you. With Apple’s Group Facetime, you can call up to 32 people at one go.
  • Do Not Disturb at Bedtime feature lets you turn off notifications at night. Yet another feature that was talked about at the conference was the Instant Tuning feature that makes it easy for the users to view and manage all the notifications from one app, the Instant Tuning Feature also helps you modify the notifications as soon as you get them.
  • For phone-o-holics, Apple has come up with App Limits, It helps you fix a limit for yourself to use a particular app. On the other hand, Parent Controls helps parents to monitor the time their kids are spending on their phones.
  • Apple has come up with a wide range of time management tools along with some focus tools for its users in iOS 12. Now you can an activity report the usage of your iOS device, be it iPhone or iPad with Screen Time Feature. The Time Feature will also break down the time spent on each app along with the number of time you pick up your phone. You can also get to know the apps that are sending you the maximum number of notifications.
  • For avid readers, Apple has come up with Apple Books. It will help you sync whatever you read across different devices for a seamless experience.
  • Apple has come up with CarPlay that has been designed to support navigations apps designed by third parties too. For example Google Maps.

macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave

Source: Apple

It’s the most advanced operating system by Apple. The new ark mode helps to puts the focus on the content, making it visually appealing and attention-grabbing.

  • The Stacks feature helps you organise your messy desktop by piling and assembling the files into different groups.
  • What’s new this time is that iOS apps like Stocks, Voice Memos News and Home are available on the Mac.
  • While Voice Memos make it convenient to record interviews, notes, and lectures etc,
  • Home helps you regulate your home accessories. Group calls can now be done using FaceTime. You can chat with multiple people at one go.
  • For the stock market enthusiast, there are Stocks. It offers stock market news with quotes & charts along with a personalized watch list.

watchOS 5

 watchOS 5

Source: Apple

The Siri watch is now smarter and better looking.

Simply raise your hand to talk to Siri. You no longer have to say “Hey Siri” The watch offers dynamic shortcuts and has support for maps, third-party apps, sports, and heart rate.

Now, stay fit and remain connected at the same time with watchOS 5. The WatchOS 5 features a new Walkie-Talkie app that merges real-time conversations with messaging.  It has a press-to-talk communication system, similar to traditional walkie-talkies.

Your Apple Watch always records your activity whenever you work out, be it Outdoor Run or Walk, Indoor Run or Walk, Elliptical, Pool or Rower with its latest feature of automatic workout detection.

  • An interesting feature of this watch will helps burn those extra calories by motivating you to workout.
  • It has a Competition option through which you can compete with your friends and earn activity points.
  • You will also get regular progress reports that will show you the activity points that you earn and that your friends do.
  • The winner gets a special award. Many workout methods like Yoga, Hiking have been included in the activity list. 
  • WatchOS 5 lets you view emails and messages directly with the help of the WebKit feature. The message/mails would load on the watch with a click.
  • Now pay for a ride, check into a flight or book a table through actionable options present in Notifications. It offers you a convenient way to do your tasks in a smarter way.
  • The Apple watch has dedicated apps for Podcast. You can sync these apps with your iPhone apps.

tvOS 12

tvos 12

Source: Apple

Here’s a good news for all movie buffs! tvOS 12 will support all the Dolby Atmos sound.

  • iTunes in some time will have the biggest collection of  Dolby Atmos-supported movies. It features a zero sign-in functionality as the feature is smart enough to identify the broadband connection that the user is using and automatically sign in the supported apps which the users are receiving via their subscription.
  • There aerial screensavers that feature location information. These screensavers have been captured in collaboration with the International Space Station.
  • Features like auto-filling of passwords from iPhone, a TV remote that is automatically added to the Control Center on the iPhone. Other enhancements in Apple TV include support on Home control systems like Crestron, Control4, and Savant.

So, the big announcements of the year are already too enticing for the tech-maniacs and are sure to excite all of us even more once they step in for us to use. We really can’t wait, can you? We, at Intuz, are on our toes to bring in all latest information and announcements in the world of technology. Our team leaves no stone unturned to fetch the most relevant piece of knowledge for out tech-no-holics who follow us with trust. To stay updated about the latest industry developments, keep visiting and loving Intuz blogs.

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