//WWDC 2016 Keynote: Gigantic Announcements from Apple at A Glance

WWDC 2016 Keynote: Gigantic Announcements from Apple at A Glance

Apple kicked off its largest event World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) on 13th June 2016, at San Francisco. WWDC 2016 revealed revolutionary updates across its four platforms tvOS (Apple TV), watchOS (Apple Watch), iOS (iPhone/iPad) and OS X (macOS) in the upcoming year.

Have you missed it? Here is the recap of all biggest announcements from Apple at WWDC 2016.

watchOS 3

watchOS 3 is the latest hardware launched by Apple. Let’s see how Apple addressed the major criticism of the Apple Watch.

  1. App loading will become seven times faster than before – WatchOS3 will load the apps in memory before they are launched. The functionality of background refresh keeps the apps updated all the time.
  2. Scribble – Reply to messages in a better way using the Apple Watch by drawing out each letters on the screen. It works with either English or Chinese for now.
  3. New Watch Faces – Apple has introduced new watch faces such as simple numerals face, activity face that displays activity rings, as well as special characters like Minnie Mouse! Change the watch faces as per your mood just by swiping between them. It involves fitness specific watch faces as well that displays users’ exercise tracking data on the screen at all time.
  4. Dock – It saves users favorite and recently used apps to provide smooth access to all of them. Dock keeps user’s favorite apps up to date so that they can launch the apps instantly with lesser loading time.
  5. Activity Sharing – Users can view the activities of their family and friends as well as share their own workouts with them. User can check out the difference between how they are doing better than the others.Wheelchair users can customize their activities and workouts. With the “time to roll” notification, two activity rings and dedicated workouts optimized for three versatile styles of wheelchair push.


Apple has announced few new updates for tvOS such as single sign-on functionality, extended Siri capabilities, and much more.

  1. Dark Mode – Apple has introduced a darker theme under the “Dark Mode”. It presents the bright look of tvOS for night time viewing.
  2. If users download a video app on their iPhone that also holds an AppleTV version, then the video will get automatically downloaded to their tvOS.
  3. All the major tv channels have their AppleTV app. Until now, to access those tv channels on tvOS, users had to share their cable account credentials with tvchannel provider. Now, with “Single Sign On” function, it will be managed automatically.
  4. Siri voice search will be used to find out content within 3rd party apps such as YouTube.
  5. iPhone will work as a tvOS remote as it resembles with actual AppleTV remote in many ways. Now users can use their iPhone’s touchpad to navigate through UI of AppleTV, gyroscope/accelerometer as the game controller and keyboard to type on AppleTV.

macOS Sierra

OS X is rebranded as Apple’s macOS. The release of macOS will be known as “macOS Sierra.” Sierra offers several advantages to the users such as:

  1. Automatic System Unlock – When user will sit in front of the macOS with the iPhone or Apple Watch in vicinity, macOS will detect the user’s presence and unlock the system automatically.
  2. Copying and pasting across all Apple device – macOS will allow to copy any content or document or anything and instantly paste it on iPhone or iPad or vice versa.
  3. macOS can optimize the hard drive storage by taking automatic backup and deleting local copies of the old files that users didn’t access for a long time such as redundant mail data, browsing cache, and iPhone backups. All the deleted stuff can be retrieved again when the user needs it.
  4. Apple Pay is already available on iPhone or Apple Watch. In WWDC 2016, Apple announced that now the Apple Pay works with macOS through the Safari browser. Users can make payment to online retailers by using Apple Pay via the browser.
    Retailers that accept amount through Apple pay need not see, store or handle credit card payment data. Users can complete a transaction through macOS and confirm the buying decision through the pop-up prompt. Users need to use their fingerprint on their iPhone for purchase authentication.
  5. Apple has launched a new “Picture in Picture” mode to allow users to jump from Safari video to chromeless windows that can be dragged around. The chromeless windows hold small screen space on the main screen. So users can play a video in a separate window while browsing other things.
  6. Siri is now the part of macOS too, so users can ask basic stuff such as weather prediction or movie times. Moreover, it also helps users in searching out the specific and complicated details as well.

iOS 10

iOS 10 is the biggest iOS release ever. Without this great announcement, WWDC would be incomplete. Advanced releases of iOS 10 involve:

  1. New Lock Screen – Apple has launched new lock screen after a few years with the major upgrade of 3D touch support on notifications. For an instance; deep press on iMessage allows users to see all the messages from particular context thread. A quick tap on the home button of iPhone or iPad and it unlocks your entire phone with unmatched speed. Now users need not press any button to view their notifications.
  2. iPhone users can access an app’s widget by its 3D touch icon. For example, users can use widget of Mail app to check out who sent them emails without reaching to Inbox.
  3. Integration of Siri enables developers to hook into 3rd party apps which will eventually move forward to more use of the voice recognition software.
  4. Quick Type – This function helps iPhone users in speeding up the messaging by providing relevant location details, intelligent suggestions, and contact information. For example; Have you read Kathrin’s email? The Quick Type looks into the Mail app and caters a list of all emails received from Kathrin.
  5. With the VOIP integration, Skype and Whatsapp call receiving will become easier as users can pick up the call without accessing the app. It looks like a standard incoming call.
  6. Apple has redesigned the maps to make them more proactive. It checks user’s calendar and tracks the places that he/she is going to visit. Based on the locations, maps search out and suggest the amenities close to the user’s location.
  7. 3rd party developers now have the freedom to add extensions in Map functionality. They can use stock app to add various functions such as restaurant booking and paying for it with Apple Pay.
  8. Apple music will become intuitive and simpler than before with iTunes features. It will display recently played and recently added sections. In iOS 10, it will be quite easy to pick up and enjoy the music.
  9. HomeKit functionality will permit users to control a range of smart home gadgets starting from thermostat to dining room light to garage door.iOS will transcribe the voice mail into text automatically.
    iMessage – Apple has upgraded iMessage to stay competitive with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. For instance; while sharing the links to any images or YouTube video, the message shows the preview of those items. So, it does not look like an ugly link. Moreover, while typing message, users can use emoji to represent a particular word. 3rd party developers can also add new functionalities to iMessage features such as placing a food order for a big group.

Most of these iOS 10 announcements were available to developers on 13th June 2016 for preview. However, the public beta is released in July. It will be available to all users in the fall.

Stay tuned with Intuz and get detailed information about all major updates in the above mentioned technology upgrades by Apple. We can’t wait to see and cover what Apple brings during WWDC 2017 next year.

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