//Why You Should Invest In Artificial Intelligence Enabled Mobile Apps?

Why You Should Invest In Artificial Intelligence Enabled Mobile Apps?

There has been a rising enthusiasm regarding the use of artificial intelligence in mobile app development. Intelligent mobile apps were among the top 10 strategic trends of the year 2017. Artificial intelligence offered users the ability to perform voice-activated search and complete necessary tasks using a mobile app.

It is expected that top 200 global companies will invest in AI-powered intelligent app development within the next one year. They seek the benefits offered by big data analytics to improve their offerings and enhance customer experience to increase engagement and sales revenues. But what it is about artificial intelligence that has taken the world by storm and how it will impact the mobile app development landscape. Let us explore this phenomenon, further.

Using the power of artificial intelligence for mobile apps

Artificial intelligence enhanced the mobile user experience for the end users and solved the problem of app visibility for the developers. With the growing crowd of mobile apps, users kept looking for solutions that made their lives simpler without wanting to spend much time on a mobile app.

By amalgamating the reach of the mobile platform with AI, developers are beginning to create more powerful, intuitive and engaging mobile apps that have better capabilities to retain users for a long time.

As smartphones nowadays know everything about the user, integrating context-aware sensors and AI-powered chatbots in mobile apps help brands to offer personalized experiences. Also, AI gives the ability to study behavioral patterns of the user, making a company/developer better equipped to design app features that align with needs, effectively.

When & how to apply artificial intelligence in mobile app development?

The onset of artificial intelligence has changed the value benchmarking for mobile apps. Nowadays, users rate a mobile app not only on its general features or UI but on its ability to offer predictive, in-depth performance, aligned to their personal preferences. So, when and how should artificial intelligence be actually used? Let’s have a look at the following pointers:

Automated reasoning

If you are trying to build a solution that requires applying reasoning to solve problems, you should consider AI as an integral part of mobile app development. E.g. Uber, the largest cab aggregator in the world, harnessed the powers of AI to optimize their route planning and promise quick services to the end-customers. Their advanced algorithm used automated reasoning to collect and process massive amounts of data from Uber drivers who drove on similar routes earlier and made their algorithm learn from past trips.

Recommendation service

Are you trying to build a recommendation tool? Then, AI can significantly improve your app’s future growth prospects. A mobile app can help companies engage their users and enhance their experience by providing only relevant suggestions through an AI-powered learning algorithm. AI can help you monitor user choices and come out with results that are relevant to the end users. E.g. Netflix used the power of AI to provide users with relevant movie and TV show suggestions, making it the most subscribed video streaming service, globally.

Behavioral pattern analysis

AI has enabled mobile apps to provide seamless user experiences in subsequent sessions owing to the capability to learn from a user’s behavior patterns. Many online travel aggregators are using this capability to design and promise better packages and provide convenience to the users. Using natural language processing and machine learning, mobile apps make it easier for companies to interact with customers as per their preferences. E.g. Snaptravel is a modern AI-powered hotel booking app that strikes a humane conversation with users and facilitates hotel booking while keeping in mind user preferences, credentials, and other details.

AI & App Development integration: Enhancing Business Growth Prospects, Globally

The amalgamation of apps and AI is helping companies to engage users in a better way. Retail giants like Amazon have strategically included AI in their mobile app framework to improve their growth prospects. AI is enabling companies to make great promises to the end users by:

  • Matching user expectations using AI data analytics
  • Offering personalized experience and deals relevant to users

Improving app engagement and retaining users

Some of the most popular and successful mobile apps that have been using AI to create personalized user experiences include:


Microsoft’s virtual assistant is harnessing AI to empower users to do amazing things with just their voice. Using voice recognition, Cortana makes it possible to set reminders, find answers and more. Cortana’s mobile app uses machine learning to analyze patterns and provide relevant solutions that engage users in a better way.

Seeing AI

Seeing AI
Seeing AI is leveraging the powers of AI and cloud to help people with impaired vision navigate through the day. It turns the world into an audible experience and the app’s intelligent camera makes it easier to hear information about a locality, person, or object by just pointing the phone towards the same.

HOUND Voice Search & Assistant

HOUND Voice Search & Assistant
A fast voice-powered digital assistant, Hound understands human phrases in a better way and provide relevant solutions. One can talk to Hound, ask questions and it will perform tasks in a jiffy. The app uses natural language processing and machine learning to enhance user experience and keep users engaged.

Google DUO

Google DUO
Google DUO’s mobile AI bot uses predictive technology to offer a smart reply feature. It gives the user the ability to book restaurants, find scores and reply to friends using behavioral analysis and personal preferences.


Starbucks mobile app uses Artificial Intelligence in its new feature-
My Starbucks Barista. The new feature allows customers to order something from Starbucks and pay for the same using their voice. Also, AI offers an experience of talking to the barista and modifying orders according to personal preferences by learning user behavior.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the mobile app development landscape in the modern times. AI-powered solutions are making it possible to attract, engage and retain the user base in a much effective way that is the need of the hour for long-term sustainability. By understanding user behavior through big data analytics, AI is giving businesses and brands the necessary edge to excel in the digital ecosystem. For more information about AI based applications click here.

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