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U.S. Presidential Elections And 7 Apps To Pick Your Candidate

7 Apps and The U.S. Presidential Elections! Have You Picked Your Candidate?

Hope you all have registered to vote! Or are you still just enjoying the absolute drama surrounding this year’s elections?

Every American is eagerly waiting for the moment when the next President of the country will be declared.

Scratch that! Not only Americans. In fact, the entire world, even Putin!

But this time around, the candidates and their journey to the Resolute desk is quite unorthodox and interesting. It is quite different from some past sophisticated and reasonable debates. Two completely amazing, experienced and diverse personalities are participating in this race. That’s why the Presidential Election 2016 holds a very colorful landscape than the previous one.

Amongst the 66.5 million viewers who enjoyed the 2nd Presidential Debate between Senator Hillary Clinton and the Business Tycoon Donald Trump, had a blast of jokes, expected jabs, non-issue issues and extreme blame game minutes. Thats the latest presidential swag. Even the polls are getting extremely unpredictable this time around!

Trump presented the empowerment of energy sector, disagreement to Pence’s hawk talk on Russia backed Syria, lowering the taxes, etc. as his core focus to make “America Great Again” continued. On the other side, Hillary is considering to drive positive change in U.S. economy through improvement in ObamaCare Laws, increment in taxes on the wealthiest Americans, and much more.

The debate, as expected, transformed into personal battleground when Clinton pointed out to the recently lacked lewd recording of Trump. Another side, Trump claimed on Clinton for accessing emails from her private email server as a secretary of the state and the sexual abuses of Bill Clinton.

Sorry, we got carried away! Back to mobile then? Amid all these chaos and excitement (and hope) we tried to shortlist some of the most amazing and constructive mobile apps that are capturing the heart of this year’s election. From the official apps of both the candidates to the apps promising the strongest coverage of what is known as the most awaiting moment of this year!

7 Hot Favorite Apps for US Presidential Elections 2016

Election Day

Election Day

It is a game app that allows user to play as 1 of 12 candidates. Address the existing issues, run for presidency, debate on other candidates, and win assistance from different faction such as Media, Business, Public, etc. The app is developed for both Android and iOS Platforms.

Election Day allows users to represent opinions on gun control or immigration and pay a dirty game by running negative ads against the opponents. Moreover, check out your ability to stick to your views and compromise with your ethics in order to become the President.

all Politics

all Politics

Check out all the latest political updates on all Politics app available on both iOS and Android. It covers hot political news across the U.S. and the world. Users can go through

  • U.S. Presidential Election 2016 news
  • Political cartoons and satire
  • Right and left talk radio
  • Live democrat vs. republican discussions
  • Political views along with news from the hill
  • Original and aggregated news from MSNBC, Fox, Politico and many other sources

U.S. Election 2016 News

U.S. Election 2016 News

Receive all the latest updates of United States Presidential Election 2016 using the app U.S. Election 2016 News. It facilitates user to get brief about the candidates’ activity from both Democratic and Republican parties. Access all the newest election news 24×7 using the app from Android platform.

Politics Live

Politics Live

Ultimate source to have all the latest political updates related to the United States Precedential Elections 2016. The app enables users to track non-partisan political data in card and graphs view. The exclusive features of this Android based app are:

  • Explore upcoming events, debates, and many more activities
  • Browse up-to-date polls
  • Have thorough insights about the political parties
  • View the information of different presidential candidates

2016 Election App

2016 Election App

Follow the Presidential Election of U.S.A. with 2016 Election App and stay updated with all the latest news and debates of the candidates. Check out the schedules of 2016 presidential debate with all push notifications and details.

The app is accessible on Android as well as iOS platform. Stay updated with all latest news on all election candidate in a nonpartisan and objective format. Key features of the app are:

  • Latest news on 2016 presidential election debates
  • Complete schedule on 2016 general election debate schedule
  • Links to full videos and live streams of debates
  • 2016 delegate count
  • Push notifications of debate videos and debate times
  • 2016 primary schedule
  • Debate ticketing information

Hillary 2016

Hillary 2016

The official app by Hillary Clinton who is the strong competitor of Donald Trump and pretender of U.S. presidency. Install the Hillary 2016 app and take small actions each day that will help in winning this election and set an extensive political milestone in the history of U.S. politics. The app is accessible from iOS as well as Android phones.

Improve your political knowledge, compete against your friends, and do many more activities within the app. Hillary 2016 allows users to

  • Create their own campaign HQ
  • Test the knowledge and gain expertise on different issues
  • Obtain real-life and digital rewards
  • Share latest information and news
  • Compete against your friends and other supporters
  • Complete daily challenges to support Hillary Clinton in getting elected

America First

America First

America Frist is the official app of Donald Trump available on Android platform. Get all the latest news related to election campaigns and events. Sign up to vote, stay connected with Trump supporter, earn badges and prizes, and perform many more actions. Exclusive features of America First involve:

  • Explore the fellow supporters and communicate with them
  • Earn points for taking action to unlock special activist badges and win prizes
  • Stay updated with latest campaign news
  • Be a voter and volunteer by signing up in the app Get directions, RSVP and check-in at official rallies and events

Many more features are on the way…

Excitement is in air across the U.S.A.!

Only 20 days are remaining from now and election candidates are competing hard to get to The White House. Pick your president wisely to make the U.S.A. more prosperous and peaceful. In order to choose the best person, closely watch every single update related to the presidential election 2016 using these apps.

Intuz team is always excited to welcome and experiment the new and trendy concepts like elections, festive seasons, etc. We transform your idea into an intelligent yet user-friendly mobile app.

All set for the 58th Presidential Elections this November? Who are you supporting?

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