//The Inevitable Symbiosis: Apps and Brands

The Inevitable Symbiosis: Apps and Brands

Day by day, business landscape is becoming extremely dynamic. To gain and retain customers, enterprises have to roll out smart business strategies. All the big brands have their large scale showrooms or stores across the globe. Still, they are not able to reach out all of their potential target audience.

Wondering why it is such? Why brands like McDonalds, Nike and Starbucks still need to continuously advertise through modern age mediums?

One of the key drawbacks is they are in the business where consumers need to visit the store to shop any product or service. The physical stores always carry out geographical limitations with them.

Now, what ways help them to overcome from such situation.

Of course, something that holds instant customers reach at any time, from anywhere.

Nothing can offer immediate consumer reach than mobile apps.


Ok. Tell me, how many times have you dropped your shopping plan just because you needed to drive to a physical store?

No counts. Am I right?

Even development of a web store or a mobile app cannot help big brands in serving their purpose. Here, they need to make a strategic alliance with the popular brands of the mobile platform having a massive user base.

We will discuss few of the big brands who tied up with the leading mobile apps to avail increased customer reach and business expansion.

McDonald’s – Pokémon Go

McDonald’s and Pokémon Go

McDonald’s, world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants and the top of the list all foody people globally. While ‘Pokémon Go’ as we all know, is the sensational game that hooked up 100 million people in 1 month! Recently, Pokémon Go launched in its native place Japan. McDonald’s entered in a partnership with Pokémon Go (Niantic, Nintendo and Pokémon Company) for this particular country. The 3000 stores of the fast food giant turned into Pokémon Go “gyms” as a part of the tie-up.

It assures Pokémon Go lovers to discover, catch and hit the Pokémon at all the McDonald’s physical stores. Pokémon Go delivers real-world traffic to McDonald’s by facilitating its physical store with sponsored location to play the game. Players surely visit the McDonald’s stores to battle with each other and of course, catch some Pokémon.

It has improved customer visits at McDonald stores and increased the sale of food products by 27% in July. The deal helps Pokémon Go to boost their market value by adding new game players in the home turf.

Lyft – Starbucks and Walmart

Lyft and Starbucks

Lyft is one of the leading ride-hailing service providers. Recently, it enters into a mutually beneficial collaboration with Starbucks (Coffeehouse Chain) and Walmart (World’s largest retail giant).

According to the deal, Lyft started selling $20 gift cards at the Starbucks coffee shops. Customers will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card for each Lyft Cards purchased. Such offers entice coffee drinkers and riders to buy these gift cards. Furthermore, people will receive 125 stars or a free coffee while they sign up for Lyft and link their Starbucks account in the app. If riders can catch a ride between 5 a.m. to 10 a.m., they will earn five stars towards free drink and food at the coffee chain. Such strategy enhances customers and riders for Starbucks and Lyft respectively.

Walmart is looking forward to expanding its business with the new concept of same day grocery delivery under a pilot program. As per their program, consumers place their grocery order online and Walmart delivers the order at their doorstep. So, they were in search of a transportation service provider to supply the grocery products from Walmart store to customer’s home. Thus, they tied up with Lyft to provide trucks to transport orders to the customers.

Snapchat – NBC

Snapchat entered into a strategic collaboration with NBCUniversal. The social networking platform Snapchat will broadcast the original episodic shows of NBCUniversal such as “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, “The Voice”, “Saturday Night Live”, and many others.

The partnership mainly focuses on mobile-first programming to explore more commercial yet creative opportunities for brands and users. Additionally, NBCU is allowed to develop and sell ad packages within the video and mobile offerings of Snapchat.

Dubsmash – Pitch Perfect

Dubsmash – Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a very popular American musical comedy film having a huge fan base. To gain more attention of followers and fans, Pitch Perfect announced a contest for the upcoming Pitch Perfect 3, where the fans can get a chance to win a walk-on role in the film of this popular franchise. To make this happen, Pitch Perfect made a partnership with Dubsmash.

Fans can participate in the contest by accessing lip-syncing app of Dubsmash named PitchSmash. They need to choose from various Pitch Perfect 2 soundbites. Later on, contestants have to submit 10 seconds’ lip syncing video of their favorite songs and quotes, created by themselves. Now, participants can also share their creation with anyone and everyone using various social media platforms. Ultimately, the best entry will win the contest. He/she can have a chance to play a small role in the film.

Tinder – Zedd

Tinder recently partnered with Zedd to promote his new album True Colors. Tinder and Zedd are planning to create a special profile for Zedd that will spread across Tinder’s user base in U.S. When users swipe right on Zedd profile, they will receive a link to buy his new album (as a digital download) for $3.99.

This is not a profit generating partnership for Tinder. Their key motive is to facilitate users with exclusive access to cool products and people similar to True Colors and Zedd. On another hand, Zedd can reach out more followers and increase his fan club using the popularity of Tinder

Above cases clearly represent how the strategic alliances with leading mobile apps help enterprises in raising customer engagement and driving profit. Being an industry leader, Intuz team is always keen to explore how mobile apps assist other companies in obtaining their business milestones and to help apps monetize their product with such collaborations.

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