//The Grand AWS re:Invent 2016 re:Cap

The Grand AWS re:Invent 2016 re:Cap

Glorious five days ended on 2nd December! But the excitement is still in the air due to pioneering announcements from the Cloud market leader Amazons Web Services.

Cloud community comes across numerous advanced offerings of Amazon Web services almost every day. The scenario will improve in the upcoming year for sure as the cloud giant unveiled next-generation inventions.

AWS re:Invent 2016 stands apart than the previous events. It is not merely the subject of interest for techies and cloud enthusiasts. They tried to address the major concerns of businesses. Amazon Web Services introduced a wide range of advanced products and cutting-edge services to deliver brilliant resolutions to enterprises to corporates.

So, the mega event carried out lots of more than we expected!

The event assures that Amazon Web Services has all set to boost its cloud portfolio and dominate the cloud market for the upcoming year. Wanna know how? Here Intuz has covered each update unveiled in AWS re:Invent 2016 in brief. Delve into the day-to-day happenings and keynotes of the event with us.

Pre-Day (Monday, Nov. 28)

It just like the first day of any event. Attendees participated in the pre-scheduled programs as per their registrations. The first day contained Bootcamps, Hackathon, Security Jam, Game Day following by Industry Pre-Day.

Day 1 – Keynote of James Hamilton (Tuesday, Nov. 29)

Regular activities such as Hands-on Labs, Bootcamps, Breakout Session, Global Partner Summit, re:Source Mini Con, and Spotlight Lab were there as per the schedule. But the core part of the event was started from this day.

Yeah! It was the time of first keynote from James Hamilton, the vice president and distinguished engineer for AWS. He provided thorough insights on AWS data center expansion to serve the Fortune 500 in better and greater way. Let’s have one by one updates announced by James.

4 More Data Centers in Different Regions
Amazon Web Services will launch 4 more data centers in different regions to expand its capability in the upcoming year.

Right now, AWS is operating through 100 GbE global network circles. James revealed that AWS has a growing interest in Trans-Oceanic cable.

Exceeding AWS Availability Zone
AWS promises to boost the capability of AWS Availability Zone by exceeding servers up to 300,000.

Commercial Equipment
AWS revealed to use custom routers as they are more flexible and reliable in compared to commercial equipment.

Custom Routers
AWS has launched the hi-tech custom routers that run with Broadcom’s Tomahawk ASICs.

Software Defined Networking
Amazon Web Services has pushed SDN down to the Network Interface Card (NIC) to offload networking functions.

Custom Silicon
AWS expands its competency from network hardware development. They are now moving towards development of custom chips for silicon businesses.

Custom Compute Server
Amazon Web Services has optimized the barebones server for thermal and power efficiency – not density inside the box.

Day 2 – Keynote of Andy Jassy (Wednesday, Nov. 30)

Most awaited moment for the Cloud geeks was here! Yup, you are right!!! It was a keynote presentation from Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services. He unveiled 18 new futuristic updates of AWS cloud products and services. Would you like to have detailed insights of each update? NO need to go anywhere, simply visit AWS Made Our Day With 18 New Futuristic Updates.

Rest of the activities were going on as per the pre-decide timetable. Attendees took part in Hands-on Labs, Bootcamps, re:Invent Central, re:Source Mini Con, Spotlight Lab, etc. as per their interest. Pub Crawl and High Castle Sneak Peak were the fun filled endeavors for the attendees.

Day 3 – Keynote of Werner Vogels (Thursday, Dec. 1)

It was the 3rd and last day of the advanced announcements from Amazon Web Service. The last day was headed by Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon We Services. He announced the breakthrough innovations of AWS in his keynote presentation. All other activities were going on as per the calendar.

Key AWS Updates from Werner Vogels

Amazon Batch
Amazon Batch
Batch is a compute service of AWS. It enables scientists, engineers, and developers to effectively and quickly run hundreds of thousands of batch computing jobs on AWS.

AWS Glue
AWS Glue
It is a full managed data ETL (extract, transform, and load) service that helps in understanding the data, preparing the data and move the data reliably amongst data centers. It automates and simplifies data transformation, discovery, and job scheduling time.

AWS Shield

Shield is a managed DDoS protection services that use Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53 and Elastic Load Balancing (ELB).

It is a collection of pen source software that enables customers to integrate 3rd party schedulers and develop custom schedulers. On the top of ECS.

AWS Pinpoint
AWS Pinpoint
Amazon Pinpoint allows to run targeted push notification campaigns on mobile apps to enhance the user engagement. It helps you in defining your target audience, run the campaign, and measure the output.

C# In AWS Lambda
C# In AWS Lambda
Now cloud experts can use C# with AWS Lambda.

Lambda @ Edge

Use Lambda @ Edge to run code at CloudFront edge locations without managing or provisioning servers. It permits developers to provide low latency user experience for customized web applications.

Amazon X-ray
Amazon X-ray
AWS X-ray allows developers to debug and analyze production and distributed applications such as the apps built using a microservices architecture. It helps you in understanding how your applications and its underlying services are performing by identifying and troubleshooting the key reasons for performance errors and issues.

Chef Automation

It is a fully managed Chef server and suite of automation tools that allows for automated testing for compliance, continuous deployment and a user interface for visibility into your nodes.

AWS Step Functions

AWS Step Functions is an application service of Amazon that coordinates with components microservices and distributed applications using visual workflows.

Day 5 (Friday, Dec. 2)

It was the last day of the entire event. Few Hands-on Labs, Breakthrough Sessions, and Harley Ride were scheduled for the day.

Wrap Up

Overall the event enabled attendees to explore a lot about AWS upcoming products and services. They participated in the sessions, bootcamps, and labs to learn the latest and future trends of cloud computing.

Intuz is a consulting partner of AWS. So obviously, we get the benefit of early adoption of advanced AWS tools and technologies. Our AWS certified professionals dig into the advanced offerings of Amazon Web Service cloud to address exclusive expectations of the clients with guaranteed results and satisfaction. We love to hear your any complex to simplex requirements and address them with our AWS competencies.

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