//The Coolest Announcements Unveiled @ Apple Keynote WWDC 2017

The Coolest Announcements Unveiled @ Apple Keynote WWDC 2017

Apple fans must be on cloud nine! Their celebration time is on in San Jose. I am sure, you got it. The most aspiring tech event is right now hitting the stage of the San Jose Convention Centre. All the breakthrough announcements are rolled out by the Apple for their software and hardware product line.

At World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), everyone was expecting the major updates in the software products such as iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. However, Apple gave several pleasant surprises to the tech world by announcing a new hardware product HomePod (a Siri speaker) and iMac Pro. The company will also offer the updates for the existing hardware like MacBook and iMac.

Don’t regret if you have missed the live streaming of the Apple keynote WWDC17. This post covers everything unveiled by Apple at its keynote event. Let’s explore together.

#1. iOS 11

iOS 11
iPhone and iPad lovers, get ready to experience the brand new iOS 11 on your devices. The new update will release in the fall. If we talk about what’s new in iOS 11, then the major considerations are augmented reality and machine learning.

Apple will release ARKit that enables developers to develop unparalleled augmented reality experience for both apps and games.

Integration of Siri with the iPhone and iPad will give the experience of machine learning and artificial intelligence. So, soon we will have more intelligent, personal, and powerful devices in our pocket. Siri will become more proactive about providing assistance. From now, Siri will translate English to various other languages. It will also collaborate with 3rd party apps like WeChat, Evernote, and others to enable users to perform their varied tasks.

Apple Pay will allow for person-to-person payments.
MusicKit, a new API, announced by Apple for developers that will allow to integrate their services more tightly with the Apple Music.

App Store
App Store has been redesigned from the ground up. There is a complete makeover of a sweeping. Inside the App Store, the user will have helpful how-tos, expert recommendations, must read stories, carefully crafted lists, and much more. Discovery of next app or game will become quite easier as each tab of the App Store will be informative, engaging, and inspiring.

#2. macOS High Sierra

macOS High Sierra
Sierra was introduced in 2016. The latest version of the macOS High Sierra will support virtual reality headsets. This is something Apple didn’t offer before. Safari will also get the security updates to protect the privacy of the users. The browser will also contain a few default features like a new Apple File System and a new photo search. So, now your pics and documents will be stored on Apple’s more powerful and secure storage.

#3. WatchOS4

We have watchOS 4 right here! Yes, Apple will launch the newest version of Apple watch in the fall. The watch will come up with the more dynamic operating system as well as interactive features such as a new proactive Siri watch face, a revamped music experience, and an overhaul activity app.

Now, the watch will tell you how your workout is going, when to leave for work, the music you are playing, and so on. For health conscious people, the watchOS 4 will introduce a new workout UI. It will allow for two-way data exchange with workout machines and more.

#4. iMac and iMac Pro

iMac is ready to give an immersive experience by facilitating users with hi-tech features such as latest graphic technologies, higher bandwidth connectivity, all-new processors, and innovative storage. The most colorful and brightest retina display of iMac is just like ice on the cake. The desktop will be more powerful and faster than before. Apple will introduce Virtual Reality in iMac for the first time.

iMac Pro will be a killer product for Apple. The product will hit the market in December with the outstanding configurations of memory up to 128 gigs, processors up to 22 teraflops, and 4 terabytes of storage. It will also contain an advanced thermal cooling system and a new keyboard. Apple is dreaming big from iMac Pro. The company wants to make the product powerful enough to perform any VR, machine learning, and real-time 3D rendering tasks.

#5. MacBook and MacBook Pro

Apple announced to launch the thinnest, lightest, compact, and powerful MacBook at WWDC 2017 that will deliver 20% faster performance. Now, open your files and launch the apps through more advanced computing thanks to a faster Turbo processing and SSDs. It also contains an enhanced battery mechanism to address the battery draining issues.

Apple’s MacBook Pro will be available with the 13-inch display. More specifications of the MacBook Pro are Intel core i5 processor clocked at 2.3GHz, 8GB RAM, two Thunderbolts 3.0 ports, 128GB storage, and 512GB storage space on board. So, the MacBook Pro will deliver the most intuitive and dynamic user experience by introducing the revolutionary configurations.

#6. iPad Pro

Tons of new announcements have been made at Apple’s keynote. Explore about major updates in the of iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, HomePod, iMac Pro, and more.
Apple also announced iPad Pro 10.5 that will hold an amazingly brighter display with faster refresh rate. A greater display is very important while playing games or watching movies and other stuff. It also contains A10X processers that will help in boosting the overall app or game performance. It will provide multi-touch experience to the users with a redesigned retina display. Apple will launch new screen Apple iPad Pro 12.9 and didn’t announce any update on old 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

#7. HomePod

It’s the brand new product announced by Apple. It’s a Siri-powered smart speaker that will allow users to check traffic, play music, query sports scores, control your smart lights, and much more. It is quite similar to Google Home and Amazon Echo. The HomePod will hold elegant design, and compact speaker that is based on Apple engineered software and audio technology. Thus, the HomePod will rock the house.

Place your HomePod anywhere in the room. It will automatically detect its position in the room and accordingly adjusts the sound in the optimal direction to deliver a wonderful listening experience to the people across the room.

#8. tvOS

Apple didn’t speak much on the tvOS updates. To enable tvOS with a big new content, they will launch the Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV and Apple’s latest TV app.

Sounds exciting? This time, Apple won’t just facilitate users with functionally rich products. Actually, the company will reform the user experience and upgrade the pattern and standards of using a smartphone. Are you ready to experience these updates? Let’s wait together. Until that time, you can keep visiting our blogs to get the latest industry updates.

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