//Team Intuz Reviews AWS on Clutch.co

Team Intuz Reviews AWS on Clutch.co

Intuz holds a proven experience and expertise in offering wide range of cloud services, especially for Amazon Web Services. We have a team of AWS certified architects and developers who excel in delivering intelligent cloud solutions. By considering Intuz’s passion for cloud technology, a leading B2B review and research provider firm Cluch.co conducted the review of AWS from Intuz as its customer. Here is the deserving review of AWS provided by Mr. Patrick (Director of Growth at Intuz) to the Clutch team.

Original source: https://clutch.co/cloud/review/scalability-cost-efficiency-aws

Scalability and Cost Efficiency with AWS


Intuz utilizes a variety of cloud technologies with a focus on the suite of tools provided by AWS [Amazon Web Services]. By utilizing these resources, Intuz has been able to increase operational efficiency and decrease infrastructure costs. AWS is recommended to clients who have a need for on-demand scalability.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

Intuz Group is a global custom mobile development and cloud solutions company. Intuz offers a wide range of IT Solutions such as mobile application development, cloud services, AWS solutions, UI/UX [user interface/user experience] design, app marketing, custom web applications, and custom software development.

With over 12 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, Patrick is a techno-commercial leader heading Intuz as Director of Growth.


What business challenges have you been able to overcome by utilizing these technologies?

Cloud technologies can overcome multiple business challenges, some of which we have been experiencing with our clients.

One of our clients was experiencing increased traffic and was finding it difficult to scale resources instantaneously to meet the increasing demand. So by using AWS, we overcame this scalability issue by providing them prompt scalable resources and load balancing solutions.

Few of our clients needed rapid cloud deployment and focus more resources on product development. The AWS cloud provides very prompt setup and configuration of IT infrastructure, sometimes within minutes, and enables increased productivity for our clients.

Migrating and hosting to cloud providers like Rackspace and AWS has allowed us to reduce operational costs while increasing IT effectiveness.

We have developed several real-time products and solutions that needed seamless transfers and instant access across multiple nodes around the globe. AWS’s global presence with high-end cloud infrastructure at almost all prominent places vastly improved time to deployment and resource availability for businesses who wanted to expand geographically.

In scenarios where an on-prem data-center-wide disaster recovery system was too tedious of a job with expensive infrastructure and implementation, we were able to implement Cloud DR systems much more quickly and easily while allowing far better control over resources.

How do you implement cloud technologies?

We have a separate division of cloud solutions in our company with AWS certified architects, developers, and operational members who can implement AWS technologies for clients. Below is the list of the core AWS services that we are providing to clients:

  • Compute – EC2 – On demand /Reserve /Spot instances, Lambda, Container Services
  • Database – RDS-NoSql (MS SQL, Mysql, Arora, DynamoDB, mongoDB, postgresql, etc)
  • Networking – VPC, Direct Connect, Route53
  • Storage – S3, IAS3, Glacier, EBS, Storage Gateway, Cloud Front, Snowball
  •  SES, SQS, SNS, IAM, WAF. Based on client requirements, if needed, we can concert with on-premise systems using DirectConnect or the other services of AWS.

Intuz Cloud Computing


How to costs compare to other infrastructure options?

On-premise systems have high hardware costs, and along with it comes the high maintenance and upgrade costs as well. Technologies like visualization also allow efficient utilization of resources but lack the scalability and on-demand cost effectiveness of a true cloud solution. In cloud technology, you only pay for exactly what you use and how long you use it, so you don’t waste your money on buying extra resources. So, while an on-premise system can cost thousands of dollars, migrating to a cloud would only cost a few hundred every month depending on your requirements and commitments.

In comparing technologies, it’s a price tango between AWS and Azure, with the latter following the price drops and changes of the former, while the Google Cloud strives to get more users by making prices more competitive. Check how the 3 market leaders fare up to the costing structure.

What are your reasons for using these specific platforms?

These platforms are industry leaders in providing highly efficient cloud ecosystems. Our preference of AWS comes from the fact that it is effectively documented, has seamless integrations and has the most widespread tools and services available on a single platform.


Were there any software features/tools that you were really impressed by?

Outsourced IT

The day-to-day administration, care, and feeding of supporting systems moves away from you to the service provider. This could free up internal IT resources for higher-value business support and allow you to put IT budget dollars toward efforts that advance your business.

Quick Setup

Cloud setup and deployment is relatively quick and easy. Plus, servers, appliances, and software perpetual licenses go away when you use such a service.


An example could be found in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications available today that allow the off-loading of basic IT requirements to cloud service providers. You pay for what you need and use, but you do not have to continue to invest in many of the products used to support the network and systems, such as spam/anti-virus, encryption, data archiving, email services, and off-site storage.


By using the AWS cloud, you can also temporarily scale your IT capacity by off-loading high-demand computer requirements to an outside provider. As a result, as mentioned above, you pay for only what you need and use, only at the time when you need it. This also allows dynamic experimentation and prototyping.

Looking back, are there any areas of the platform that you feel could be added or improved upon?

By default, AWS does not allow you to take all the resources you need. Indeed, there are hard and soft limits that you should understand, before deploying to AWS. Root EBS volumes of Marketplace AMI [Amazon Machine Images] instances cannot be mounted on non-root devices. Also, sometimes individual resource price is higher than the other providers.

Have you had to interact with the platform’s support team or reference their support resources?

AWS web support resources are very insightful and helpful in building AWS ready systems as well as to perform all migration, deployment, and recovery activities on AWS. The AWS APN Portal allows knowledge up-gradation to AWS partners along with knowledge sharing, training, and allowing seamless 24/7 connectivity to AWS Partner Teams. Time to time, we have received excellent support from the AWS team to solve various issues during implementation, and they have helped us to understand the overall AWS ecosystem better. Coordination between the cloud providers, solution experts, and end-clients is always a key, and the support staff at these technology providers have been able to provide a seamless coordination. We also have a certified AWS Solution Architect and DevOps team in-house that enables instant support and intelligence for all cloud-related activities for our own team as well as to our clients. On one occasion, while migrating our client’s infrastructure to AWS, the email outgoing from the application ended abruptly and needed a solution immediately. Our DevOps team was able to identify the issue as a soft-limit by AWS on non-amazon mail servers. We contacted the support team, discussed our situation, and they were very prompt in removing the limits. This allowed a real smooth migration with continuous availability of all app



AWS has been a great experience overall. With the amount of tools available through AWS and the lack of immediate competition, AWS is one of the best cloud providers right now in the market.

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