//Play it on Google Play! A Quick ASO Guide

Play it on Google Play! A Quick ASO Guide

According to Statista, “In 2015, global mobile app revenues amounted to 41.1 billion U.S. dollars. In 2020, consumers are projected to spend over 101 billion U.S. dollars on mobile apps via app stores.”

The research firm has also revealed numbers about increasing app downloads. “In 2009, worldwide mobile app downloads amounted to approximately 2.52 billion and are expected to reach 268.69 billion in 2017.”

What do we realize from these figures?

It’s so obvious that mobile app industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Infect, it is making the global economy stronger by generating a large revenue stream.
There are billions of companies across the world that excel in developing most robust mobile applications and games. But when it comes to picking the most authenticated and popular App Stores to launch an app, we end up by thinking about two industry leaders. Of course, they are none other than Google Play and Apple App Store.

This article is dedicated to the Google Play App Store and its ASO activities. Let’s dive in on how to attain top rank on Google Play by focusing on basic ASO activities.

Google Play

As per the survey conducted by Statista in June 2016, ‘Google Play leads the app market with 2.2 million apps.’
In 2012, Google declared that over 35 billion apps had been downloaded from Google Play. As per the latest report released in May 2016, the figure has increased to 65 billion.
Google Play App Downloads
These figures emblem the increasing rivalry amongst mobile app holders to maximize user base and business revenue.

To stay competitive on Google Play, app owner has to plan an unbeatable online marketing strategy. App Store Optimization (ASO) is one of the most promising fundamental techniques that commit to improve app visibility and ranking amid 2.2 million apps.

Excited to know how to get started with Google Play ASO? Let’s learn from the basic understanding of ASO.

What Is ASO?

ASO is an advanced tactic to optimize mobile app ranking and visibility on Google Play. Following appropriate ASO practices, app holders can attract more visitors, improve traffic and attain prime visibility in their respective category. It is a stimulating app marketing approach that promises for reaching out wider target audience and boosting the app downloading.

To achieve assured results, ASO strategy must be defined after the thorough analysis of target market and competitors. Pick the appropriate keywords for the app, so it can be easily available to users who search with those particular keywords.

App stores hold thousands of mobile applications; each app is in a race to be at the zenith. Go over the strategic activities of ASO to earn top keywords rankings on the Google Play.

On Page Optimization


Keywords plays a major role in the whole process of ASO. Select the right keywords and utilize them in app title and description to increase visitors on the landing or description of the app. Eventually, it drives improved downloads and better revenue.

App Title

Keep the app title short and creative (Google Play allows up to only 30 characters), but make sure it must convey what the app does. Use a highly searched keyword in the app title. As Android devices are available in a variety of different sizes, small app name facilities searchers to read the full title regardless various screen sizes.

Be careful of getting penalizes by Google. Yes, an app with the irrelevant or repetitive title can be rejected by Google.

App Description

Google Play allows to describe the app with the limit of 4000 characters. Consider the app description ‘a marketing tool’ and utilize the space wisely to explain what is the application, what are its benefits and what it does.

Create exclusively interactive, interesting, engaging, and helpful content with appropriate keywords. Don’t forget; it is your first contact with the users once the app release on Google Play.


Visual communication is always more effective than verbal. Take high quality, clean, exciting and interesting screenshots of the app to grab users’ attention. Cover the unique features of the app in the snapshots that give a brief about what the app does.

Google Play permits to display maximum 8 screenshots so make use of relevant screenshots only. Else there are possibilities to lose the potential downloaders and dismissal from the app store.


Icon/logo is the face of your app. So, make it matchless. Design a unique and self-explanatory logo while being creative. Keep it simple, uncluttered, attractive, memorable, original and professional. If possible, stay away from the text.

The icon size for Google Play is 512 × 512. Therefore, analyze the logos of top apps in your category, identify the uniqueness among them, and experiment with your icon accordingly to transform the business icon into a brand.


Be very precise while defining a category for the app. Maybe technically the app falls into more categories, but you have to decide on the most relevant one.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. App owners can create a demo video of the app performance and upload it on YouTube. Google Play permits them to add the video on app page where screenshots are shown. The video should be less than a minute and highlight all the state-of-the-art features and functions of the app. Make it informative and entertaining as much as you can.


Google Play permits app owners to fix on ‘Application’ or ‘Game’ for app type.

Google Plus

Google Play connects all the apps with a search engine and social network. So, while performing ASO activities, think of the popular social network Google Plus. Try to get as many pluses as you can. It rises the app’s position and visibility on the Google Play. So, create an account on Google Plus and follow the comments received from it closely in order to improve app ranking.

Off Page Optimization

User Rating

Users vote and rating are essential to optimize app ranking on Google play and increase the app installs. Design and develop a revolutionary mobile app that delivers an amazing user experience to the downloaders. Persuade them to give five stars for your promising mobile app.

If more people leave the rating, more searchers get excited to visit the app. More pluses from Google+ builds user confidence on the app. Build a useful mobile app and update it on the regular basis by considering customer feedback.

Consumer Comments

Don’t stuff your Google Play app feedback section with fake reviews. Try to gain genuine reviews from actual users. Positive feedback enhances credibility and app ranking on Google Play. While for negative comments, consider them and refine the app accordingly. Ultimately, it also helps in ASO.

Number of Downloads

Good ratings and positive feedback from users increase trustworthiness of the app. It promises for high quality too. Users get inspired to download the app once and experience it. Thus, the app downloads will increase gradually. Obviously, increasing number of app installs optimize the app ranking on Google Play. You can also opt for some great advertisement campaigns in form of CPI (Cost Per Install) to leverage the vast pool of visitors that download your app through ad campaigns.

Link Building

Being a part of Google portfolio, Google Play is connected with the Google’s search indexes. So, the more links you have from authoritative websites or forums, the more visibility you can gain on Google Play.

Wrapping It Up

While practicing ASO, execute the above tricks and optimize app position on Google Play. Some tips give immediate results and few of them take time to increase the visibility. Keep on checking the keyword traffic and rankings in regular intervals, preferably every 3 months or so.

Intuz app marketing experts define a custom ASO strategy for the clients to optimize their Android app performance and ranking on Google Play.
All the best! Boost your business with the proven ASO tactics mentioned here.

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