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Pixel Perfect! All Hail the New Nemesis of iPhone 7

Pixel Perfect! All Hail the New Nemesis of iPhone 7 Google is everywhere! Again they have proved that it is not merely a tech company; it’s a sea of advanced innovations to amaze the human race with latest technology inventions.

Don’t you know why?

Flashback and see the journey of the tech giant. Start counting since the public release of a search engine (Google.com), augmented reality product (Google Glasses), artificial intelligence app (Google Allo), Mobile OS (Android), video sharing platform (YouTube), virtual reality products (Daydream, cardboard, etc.) or pick any sphere of the industry. They always stay ahead in the competition.

One more time, Google has all set to make a big bash before the ending of 2016.

After celebrating the glorious announcement of Android Nougat and obtaining a tremendous response to Google Allo, the company is ready to penetrate into mobile device market by throwing its brand new smartphone, the “Google Pixel”, before this year-end.

On 4th October 2016, Pixel was officially released under the Google umbrella. This time, the credit of Google Pixel design and development goes to Google only. As a result, it is branded as “phone by Google” or #madebygoogle

Rick Osterloh, a recently hired head of Google hardware division, has admitted that “Pixel phone is the best hardware and software designed and built by Google.”

To support the statement, he has revealed the exclusive features of the Google Pixel. Let’s dig into how the phone is different from other smartphones.

Software Crux

Google Assistant

The first phone that contains Google Assistant. This a perfect answer from Google to Siri. Google Assistant facilitates the users with:

Instant Answers

Ask your query to Google and get a quick reply through Google Assistant. Let’s say, eager to explore the nearest places to visit? Pixel will deliver the list of locations that are nearby to your existing spot.

Task Management

Manage your daily tasks and events, set reminders, create a calendar and much more with the Pixel phone.

Photo Tracking

Old memories are always mesmerizing. Google Assistant helps users to find photos related to a particular place and time from the past moments.

Language Translation

No need to visit Google translation tool to translate any of your words and phrases. Google Assistant immediately translate your word or phrase in your preferred language out of 100 languages.

Travel Itinerary

Check out your flight schedule, keep track of your itinerary, search for the address of your hotel, and other travel related activities under the support of Google Assistant.


Google Pixel contains the best camera ever in comparison of other smartphones. Rear camera of both handsets Pixel and Pixel XL has attained a score of 89 in DxOMark. The highest rating ever. This benchmark doesn’t represent just a consistent and excellent performance of the camera; it primarily indicates the sensor’s potential in the recently unveiled Pixel phone. The smartphone has a 12.3-megapixel resolution with an f/2.0 aperture and the large 1.55-micron pixel.

The phone camera has “the shortest capture time on any mobile camera ever.” Google has also introduced a gyroscope based video stabilization on board that is a bit complex as well. There is no optical image stabilization for stills.


The biggest pain point of Google is that the Android updates are not available to the devices sooner after its release. The tech giant has addressed this issue in the Pixel. Pixel users can receive the Android updates instantly as soon as they become available. Even the company has enhanced the endurance of the phone through the fast charging. User can charge 7 hours of power within 15 minutes of charging duration.

Limitless Storage

Google facilitates the users with the free unlimited storage of full-resolution videos and images within the Pixel. It is similar to the standard Google Photo backup ability. But Google has taken off size limit and compression. User can store 4k video shot within the new Pixel phone.

Live Support

Google has made a commitment to provide 24-hour live phone support to Pixel users. The tech operators can view user’s screen in real-time, analyze the issue and propose the precise solution.

VR Headset

Do you know Pixel is the first Daydream compatible phone? Yeah, Google allows users to experience the Virtual Reality by offering Daydream View Headset compatibility in the phone. Google claims that the headset comes with a tiny motion controller that is too precise as well as users can even draw with it. And once you are done with the use of a headset, Daydream View stores the controller inside itself for safety purpose.

Comparison at A Glance

Google Pixel Vs Apple iPhone 7

With Samsung Note7 completely out of the picture now, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are expected to give tough competition to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Look into the quick comparison amongst the all 4 devices given below:

Google Vs Apple

Excited to experience the brand new product of Google? The pre-order booking will open from 13th October 2016. Don’t miss to book your Pixel or Pixel XL.

Several updates are expected from Google in the near future to improve the performance and efficiency of the phone. Intuz team is interested to witness the journey of Pixel from a newborn baby to a well-established brand. Are you?

Behold the rising graph of Pixel’s success with us by analyzing time to time improvements and innovations implemented by Google. Intuz team warmly invites all the techies to visit our exclusively knowledge driven articles on latest updates and trends to explore about the latest happening across the industry.

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