//You Must Wait Eagerly For iOS 12. Here’s why!
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You Must Wait Eagerly For iOS 12. Here’s why!

Make your apple devices ready to welcome iOS 12. After all, the major updates Apple is planning to release is surely going to give your devices turn smoother and faster. Intuz team is always on its toes to bring you in-depth knowledge on various developments in technology and this update is certainly special.

We are equally excited to share with all that iOS 12 has stored in for you and this is why we have compiled everything at one place that makes this update a much awaited one. Let’s begin with the most basic and take you deeper:

Quick and Seamless Experience

We really can’t portray the updates with outstanding screenshots if you are expecting. The reason is simple. The new update is all about the experience. Instead of flooding it with features, Apple has rather focussed on improving the overall efficiency of your devices and getting rid of frustrating bugs you might have come across often.

So, this version will offer you a smoother and faster experience with a very few crashes expected.

IOS 12 Features to Hold Your Breath For

Siri turns a Star

With Siri turning smarter but expects you to work with her. Don’t worry, not too much for you! Siri just wants you to create certain shortcuts for her and you will just have to command her in future. Siri shortcuts are basically the tasks you can create to use often like get directions to the nearest Chinese restaurant, play a podcast etc.

Relax Your Eyeballs

Sounds interesting! Less of those phone moments for you. iOS 12 comes with tools that alert you on the number of times you picked up your phone, how much time you spent on each app. It’s indeed scary to see how often you’re on your smartphone popping those beautiful eyes and exposing them to those rays.

Enhanced Notification Management

Repeated alerts after every few minutes are what makes us reach out to our phone every now and then. The new update will help you reduce those unnecessary alerts.

Making FaceTimers Happy

No messaging updates this time but rather for those on FaceTime. You will get to make video calls to up to 32 people. So, with FaceTime you can gather them all even if your friends and family are scattered across the world.

It’s Memoji This Time

Get familiar to Memoji which your iPhone will create as Anemoji last time. Memoji is basically a custom character that looks and sounds like you.

Responsive to Impress All 

Across all devices, your experience with your day to day activities would be much better.

Better Animations

Multitasking swipe, working with Control Center and scrolls in apps are much responsive and fluent.

Exclusively For FaceTimers

  • Call to 32 people at once with Group Face Time
  • Join Group Face Time either with video/audio using iPhone, iPad & Mac or even with audio using your Apple Watch and HomePod. Isn’t it unique?
  • Add people anytime during the call.
  • Silent notifications for participants
  • Use Animoji or Memoji for FaceTime
  • Have fun by changing your look using filters like a comic book, classic black and white or watercolor.
  • Add text effects, shapes and stickers to your photos or videos instantly. Stickers can be downloaded from the App store and move with you.
  • Your conversations remain private with end-to-end encryption.

The Messaging Stunts

Memoji – Create your kind of Animoji as per your mood and personality.

Memoji Maker – Customise your Memoji using selection tools.

New Animoji– four Animojis added – T.Rex, Tiger, Koala, and Ghost.

Improved Face Tracking – Tongue and wink detection now possible with smarter face tracking.

Longer Recordings – Animoji clips can now be up to 30 seconds longer.

iMessage App Suggestions – Get suggestions for effects on photos according to whom you are talking, what you are talking and where are you taking photos.

Screen Time Reports

The update comes with new tools that allow you to make choices on how much time you want to limit on using apps or even websites on your device.

Track your engagement with weekly or daily reports on the app usage, device pickups and notifications read by you.

You can now limit the screen time for kids. So, you can keep an eye on the duration of your kids on your device.

DND Features

Do not disturb features in iOS 12 include:

  • Set up your Do Not Disturb for as long as you wish to. So, if it is an hour’s meeting and you don’t want your device to intrude, it will automatically end after an hour once you are done.
  • You will be able to mute your notifications during the night and dim your device display unless your device.

Alerts & Notifications

Grouped Alerts – Whatever is important and needs your attention will be grouped and shown in one grouped notification.

 Instant Tuning – Act on your notification instantly as you receive it without having to leave your existing activity on your device.

Deliver without disturbance– You can choose to deliver your notifications to Notification Center silently so that you are not disturbed by the alerts.

Crucial Alerts – An opt-in alert introduced this time for significant info like reports from your bank. This notification will alert you even during DND.

AR- Augmented Reality

The new version now allows you to go cross-time and can be even fixed to real locations. You can simply create an AR piece and anyone can see it later at the same place. So what all it has for you:

ARKit 2 triggers experience by recognizing objects and judging how your devices are using the same.

Face Tracking 

Now your device tracks your gestures like winking, sticking out your tongue or even where you are looking at.

Reflection of Your Screen

The virtual objects will now be reflected in the real world with your camera using AR.

New File Format-USDZ

This iOS version is compatible with USDZ, the new file format that enables the creators of 3D to innovate rich content along with animated characters.

Camera Photos

On Your TabPhotos and Effects in your device will suggest you with the best photos taken by you or stored in your library and propose effect on the same to modify them.

Smart Suggestions 

You will be able to find photos before you finish typing using people, places and events search.

Search on Places

You can even search photos using the keywords of places where you took those photo whether or not it is the name of the place. General categories like simply ‘restaurant’ can also work wonders for you.

That’s not all, iOS12 comes with even more exciting features on your Apple devices.

3-Language DictionaryThis is one is just so amazing and is certainly one of the favorites for our blog writers. The version offers Hindi and English dictionary, an Arabic and English dictionary and a Hebrew dictionary.

Contactless Student ID Card – Your iPhone or Apple Watch can now be used anywhere where you need to carry your student ID card. You simply need to hold your Apply device in front of the reader wherever they are installed like campus entry, dorm or library and you are done. So, need to carry the cards in your wallet anymore.

Thesaurus Added– Need synonyms for your work or drafts? The new version comes with English Thesaurus along.

With all these features on their way in new iOS 12, the release is the 12th major release by Apple. Beta 3 for iPad and iPhone is now available. Read more about Apple’s announcements at WWDC 2018.

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