//Native vs. Hybrid Mobile App Development: How to Make A Smart Choice?

Native vs. Hybrid Mobile App Development: How to Make A Smart Choice?

Assuming a world without mobile apps can be a nightmare. Little bit of contemplation tells us how mobile apps have simplified our lives by facilitating us through quick chatting with our near and dear ones, seamless business management offerings, staying upgraded with latest knowledge, quick online shopping, refreshment through gaming, etc. without time and place constrains.

With so much going on in the world of mobile apps, considering the expectations and mind-sets of your mobile app users is worth its bit. After all, the business depends on your ultimate mobile app users. They tend to access the same application once or twice. However, if your mobile app fails to deliver a delightful experience to them, they switch to another app and you lose your valuable customers. Research suggests that only about 16% of users would return to using the app if they didn’t find the app useful in the first attempt. This has made mobile app market too competitive as to retain customers through incredible mobile app is a little tricky.

Mobile app Entrepreneurs or start-ups, who are not as tech savvy can be worried about identifying if their mobile apps are appealing to their users. Let me tell you it’s also about selection of a suitable mobile app structure from Native or Hybrid. Both the platforms have their own pros and cons to leverage businesses with maximum growth in terms of revenue and clients.

Native Apps


  1. High performance and best user experience in secured environment
  2. Complete access to the mobile platforms
  3. Quick identification at app store to download
  4. Access of device specific assets for improved consistency and device’s visual standards
  5. Greater recognition due to friendly user experience


  1. High development cost if the app is compatible with several stages

  2. More expensive due to maintenance of multiple coding
  3. Higher costing for frequent version updates
  4. Different guidelines for specific and contradictory user-experience and design
  5. Hiring of talents specialized and experienced in different frameworks

Hybrid Apps


  1. Easy development with simple business logic into single coding
  2. Re-usable coding for different mobile platforms
  3. Plenty of resources are available
  4. Based on HTML, Hybrid application is highly extensible with rich features, animations and functionalities
  5. Best for BOYD concept based company as Hybrid application compatible with different devices and multiple platforms


  1. User-experience is relatively poor than Native applications

  2. Hybrid apps requires to implement distinct web view as per platforms
  3. Limited access to advanced features such as gyroscopes, geolocations, cameras, and much more
  4. Because of high resource consumption of browser’s Java Virtual Machine Hybrid apps perform with certain limitations
  5. There might be bugs and errors as single code is running at different platforms which will impact business negatively

How to Opt Best Development Approach for Your Mobile Application?

Both (Native and Hybrid) application structure has their own positive as well negative points though Native app development is the most scalable option. The key advantage of native app development is amazing app performance as the apps are written with native programming languages i.e., Java for Android and Objective-C / Swift for iOS.

As the Native app is developed for a specific smartphone or tablet, it contains amazing quality in terms of speed, usability, and UI/UX to deliver delightful experiences to the users. Moreover, native apps hold high interactivity due to its exceptional capability of adopting all the emerging technologies and new APIs. Native app is the best option to go for where device compatibility is required like cameras & accelerometers.

Being an early adopter of mobile technologies, Intuz has a team of mobile development experts who excel in building Native Apps and Hybrid Apps as well. Our long lasting industry experience empowers us to address custom needs of different clients from versatile industry domains.

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