//Meet Bixby – Your Newest Evolution of Voice Assistant

Meet Bixby – Your Newest Evolution of Voice Assistant

Ceaseless inventions extend the capability of technologies and add value to the human life! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the renowned technologies that continuously expand its wings in multiple areas. Virtual Assistant is the essential part of AI, where Voice Assistant is a booming segment. Do you know how many voice assistant tools are there in the market? Google Assistant by Google, Alexa by Amazon, and Siri by Apple. These are the key players who have built ironic voice assistant software for web and mobile.

Until now, Google, Apple, and Amazon have dominated the voice assistant segment. However, Samsung has recently penetrated into this market by launching Bixby in the new Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8 Plus. Experts say that Bixby is far different from the established voice assistant software. Let’s have a brief understanding of the uniqueness that Bixby carries with it.

What is Bixby?

Bixby, an AI-based software, is designed to simplify the interaction amid different devices. The Samsung product allows users to do everything with their voice that they used to do with the touch on their smart devices. Now, your voice command is enough to run your phone. No need to touch your device to perform any action.

While comparing Bixby with Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, the new voice assistant tools are smarter than its competitors. To learn about the key differentiators amongst Google Assistant and Siri, you can visit Google Assistant Vs. Siri: Who Will Lead the Future of AI? With the other leading voice assistant software, users can ask their queries in a written or oral form. The tools respond back by harnessing the power of the Internet. Enabling users with more specific, intelligence and context based replies, Bixby stands apart from other voice assistant solution providers.

How Bixby Works?

Bixby is a voice assistant solution similar to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The only difference of Bixby is, its outstanding ability to respond to users using its context-based algorithm. Contextual awareness means the software understands what the user is looking for and deliver the relevant results to the users so that they can take a logical step. It responds to the users for a particular task based on the analysis of user’s behavior.

Excellent Features of Bixby

Bixby has an intelligent, intuitive and comprehensive interface developed by Samsung, the smartphone manufacturing giant. It facilities users with a personalized experience, and optimizes the way people interact with their phones and the world around them. Bixby is an intelligent voice assistant software that replies back to the users by learning about their responses, habits, behavior, etc.

Voice – Replacing Touch with the Talk

Get the all the required information without touching your mobile device. Instead of searching the things on the Internet, ask Bixby, and the software does it for you. It allows users to access a few of the Samsung apps through their voice without a single touch. Bixby permits users to play a video, rotate the photos, send a video over a television screen and much more.

Well, it is not possible every time that the Bixby accomplishes your task through voice. In such cases, you can mix voice and touch as per the context of your task and complete your command effectively.

Vision – Information in Pictorial View

Both Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8 Plus comprise an augmented reality based camera app. It enables the voice assistant tool in recognizing the objects in real-time and then search for them on different services. With Bixby, it becomes easier to search for any information, translate the app and shop online.

For example; if you have a picture of a restaurant, then Bixby identifies the all the related information of the restaurant for you. You can have an address of restaurant, ambiance, people reviews, contact number, website, menu, etc.

Additionally, Bixby translates the content into your native language. Right now, it supports only a few languages, but this list will be longer in future. While for online shopping, the software tracks QR codes and bar codes of selected market to convey all related and required information to the users.

Reminder – Friendly Notifications

Bixby includes an intellectual reminder feature that reminds users about the to-do tasks and important events. The voice assistant sends a reminder notification to the users as per the specified time and place. Users can have the flexibility to access the saved reminders through Reminder cards, Reminder widgets, Reminder apps available on Bixby Home screen.

Home – Intuitive Pane of Widgets

Samsung Galaxy 8 or Galaxy 8 plus offer the essential content on the Home screen using the Bixby. User can have all the essential content (that they need or like to access frequently) on the Home screen of their phone. Let’s say; you can use music cards to run the paused content again, contact cards to check out the frequent and missed call contacts, news cards to receive the latest updates across the globe, social media cards to display the trending content, and more.

Bixby does not simply throw the information. It provides intellectual and context-based information to the users by analyzing their behavior such as routine, schedule, personality and much more. Based on user’s patent behavior, Bixby predicts what the user needs and responds accordingly.

Seamless Integration with Samsung and 3rd Party Apps

Bixby can be integrated with a few of the Samsung native apps and other third party apps. Yet, Samsung has not released the details what those apps will be. But the company has confirmed Bixby works efficiently with Samsung Gallery, Contact, Reminder, Weather, Camera, Settings, Internet, Messages, Phone, and Bixby.

Samsung has committed for consistent updates in Bixby and adding more apps that are compatible with the tool. When it comes to third-party app integration, you can use the Bixby with Google Paly Music at this point of time.

What’s in the Store of Bixby?

Bixby is a cloud-based product, so it requires an Internet connection to perform various activities. The company has announced that the software not only controls the phones, but it will enable users to control their air conditioner or television in the near future. It indicates that apart from mobile apps, Bixby will be compatible with the various appliances and penetrate in IoT market. Right now, Bixby is the first voice assistant solution in its ecosystem that responds to users with the intelligent and contextual output.

Leverage the astonishing features, ability of contextual awareness, exclusive features, and rich interface of Bixby to experience a more personalized and convenient mobile interaction.

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