//Jazz Up Your Workspace with Facebook Workplace

Jazz Up Your Workspace with Facebook Workplace

Facebook – an incredible and unbeatable social networking platform! It’s an amazing place to share your wonderful memories and moments. Since the official release in 2006, Facebook rules on the heart of people and the internet.

Beyond just connecting people, it allows users to make conversations, audio call and video call with their near and dear ones. By introducing these components, the tech giant attacked the user base of various chatting applications and online audio and video calling apps.

Now in the crosshairs are the workplace apps! Facebook moved a step ahead and announced to connect employees of an organization with the intro of “Workplace” – the web and mobile app connecting professionals.

Now Facebooking with your colleagues at your workspace becomes official !! 😉

Facebook At Work

Around two years ago, Facebook launched an app with the idea to set up an internal communication channel for the organizations. The app was known as “Facebook At Work”. The company was promoting this platform to the corporates that Facebook could useful in managing an office space.

“Facebook At Work” to “Workplace”

In October 2016, Facebook renamed the “Facebook At Work”. Now Facebook At Work is “Workplace”.

The tech giant intended that Workplace should look and work like Facebook. Employees can have chats, groups, Facebook Live Video, news feed and event updates on trending posts.

Enterprises to corporates need to pay to open an account in Workplace. They need to insert users (team members) in the app to establish a smooth communication channel.

(Believe me, the new avatar of your tradition FB is quite interesting and exciting.)

Workplace launched with few IT security partnerships for identity management and single sign-on like Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Google’s G Suite, and Okta. Businesses can also take help from services partners such as Edelman and Deloitte to set up the Workplace.

On 6th December of this year, Workplace again came into limelight due to the release of few grand updates.

Facebook Workplace Updates

3rd Party Software Integrations

Workplace starts supporting third party tools integration. Organizations can integrate their emails, CRM, Calendars, File Sharing, and other software.
Julien Codorniou, head of Facebook’s Workplace, admitted that businesses could integrate any app in the enterprise collaboration space. Only condition is the app must be based on SaaS services.

Facebook is planning to allow enterprises to integrate Salesforce (CRM), Box (File Sharing), Google (Calendar and E-mailing), etc. in Workplace. However, all these are would be partners of Facebook. No partnership is officially announced yet.

Flexibility for Customization

Companies can change the Workplace app as per their custom business needs. As we discussed before, IT team of the company can integrate any external tools. It enables web and mobile version of the app to work more effectively than a generic application. So, enterprises can run the Workplace without any special support in terms of tools and technologies.

Enjoy the professional version of our favorite Facebook to have in-office chitchat and improve productivity through seamless interaction.

Slack – The Tough Competitor

Where Facebook is trying to reach, a company is already leading that market. Yeah, I am talking about Slack. It is a robust office communication tool that contains advanced collaborative and enterprise social features.

Recently, Slack has earned 4 million daily users and 1.25 million paid users. It holds around 784 apps in its App Directory. These apps have been downloaded a total 6 million times and receive 451,000 installs per month.

Also, Slack increased $200 million in this April to value 650 employee company at $3.8 billion. With the help of investors, the company even set up an $80 million Slack Fund to back Slack integrated apps. Slack has done with 14 investments so far in the apps like Bird.ly and Abacus.

Workplace and Slack

With the entry of Workplace, Slack’s popularity might be get hurt. Facebook’s resources and ubiquity could catch up and potentially dampen consistently increasing growth graph of Slack. Facebook can utilize its technical and business strengths in strong development, market, and sale of Workplace.

As we know, almost all the corporates are using Facebook. So, it is quite easy for social networking giant to convince them to adopt Workplace.

The only challenge for Workplace is to convince employers in terms of allowing their staff for Facebooking all day. Offering several dynamic collaboration tools, Workplace enables companies to get the work done, not just socialize.

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