//iPhone 7 and Top 10 Takeaways from Apple Keynote

iPhone 7 and Top 10 Takeaways from Apple Keynote

Again, it is that time of the year when a simple addition of ‘1’ to our beloved device model number is the most awaited event worldwide! Among all its rumors and leaks, Apple has accomplished its commitments at the official launch of iPhone 7.

Yea, Apple has unveiled the iPhone 7 in San Francisco on 7th of September at the annual press conference. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has introduced exciting variations in Apple products – new iPhone to new Apple Watch.

Witness the revolutionary enhancements in the latest editions of Apple products with us.

1) External Appearance

External Appearance

iPhone 7 seems very similar to iPhone 6 and 6s in terms of external shape and design. But, the elimination of 3.5mm headset jack will cater cleaner look to the latest phone.

2) Screen Display

Screen Display
Unlike the past iPhones, this phone will be available in two screen sizes, 4.7-inch iPhone 7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus. Experience 25% brighter display with a broader color range for greater color management. The phone color array will be the same with the addition of slightly darker ordinary black and the super glossy Jet black.

3) Home Button

Home button at the bottom of the iPhone is no more clickable in the latest versions. Apple has redesigned the Home Button and made it completely flush button that provides mimicking the clicking sensation and haptic feedback just like the Force Touch trackpads on latest MacBook and MacBooks Pro models. Home button with a touch surface eliminates the need for tons of repairs.

4) Improved Battery Life

While comparing with iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 will facilitate the users with extended battery life of two extra hours due to a new A10 Fusion CPU. The A10 chip utilizes the two-thirds of power of the previous generation. So, we can assume that the capacity of phone battery won’t be significantly bigger, but the A10 chips will consume lesser power to run. Moreover, iPhone will offer extra storage capacity with the same price.

5) Exclusion of Headset Jack

Apple has removed 3.5mm headset jack to have more space for speakers, dual lens cameras, and haptic engine. Users can connect the Ear Pod through the Lightning Port. Package will also comprise 3.5mm to Lightning adaptor in the box.

6) Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones
Apple’s new Ear Pods are wireless. They are completely redesigned to make it suitable for user’s ears instead of nestling neatly between your ear canal and earlobe. The Ear Pods can be plugged into Lighting port. Multitasking days are gone, as Apple shifts to one port in order to rule them that the company had tried previously in USB-C connections and MacBook.

7) Dual Cameras

Dual Cameras
The new iPhone 7 plus has two rear camera lenses having different focal length to simulate true optical zoom instead of grainy digital zoom. It will also facilitate users with improved low light performance. The dual lens cameras contain “Portrait” feature that will cater DSLR style depth of field. This feature will ship with the next update.

The new generation iPhone has facility of RAW image capture, optical image stabilization on both the devices, a sensor to remove rolling shutter aircraft from flickering lights and improved color range.

8) Mario for iOS

Nintendo has announced to bring Super Mario game to iOS platform. The new game will be named with “Super Mario Run”. It will be launched in December 2016. The game will solely rise the sale of iPhone 7. Similar to other Super Mario games, it will be a continuous runner game that users can play one handed.

9) Apple Watch Second Generation

Apple Watch Second Generation
The latest Apple watches are completely waterproof. Users have three options to select from – stainless steel, aluminum and a stunning new white ceramic that is four times harder than stainless steel. Apple will continue the partnership with Hermés and set up a new alliance with Nike watch. Good news for health-conscious users. They can have tons of health-related improvements in upcoming watchOS 3 that is expected to launch on 13th September 2016.

10) Pokémon for Apple Watch

Pokémon for Apple Watch
The planet’s most exciting game “Pokémon Go” will be available on your wrist. Yes, sooner the game will be introduced for Apple Watch. Niantic has announced to design and develop Pokémon Go for Apple watch that will permit Pokémon trainers to check how far they have walked, track the nearby Pokémon and Pokéstops, realize how closer their Poké eggs are to hatching or analyze how much calories they have burnt.

Hurry up! Make a purchase order for the iPhone7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Pre-orders of the latest iPhone start from Friday and it is available in stores on 16th September 2016.

Apple will soon announce the tremendous changes in watchOS 3 on 13th September, iOS 10 on 13th September, and macOS Sierra on 20th September. Stay tuned with Intuz team to get inclusive details of upcoming mega launches from Apple.

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