//How to Bring Life to Your Business App Concept Through iOS App Development?

How to Bring Life to Your Business App Concept Through iOS App Development?

Every industry and business segment is being transformed because of the massive app revolution. With an increased smartphone penetration, there has been a spectacular increase in the number of apps and the revenue generated from them.

As per recent estimates and industry surveys, revenues from mobile apps are predicted to cross $77 billion globally in 2017 that was $58 billion in 2016. With such a rapid growth rate in business revenues through mobile apps, there is huge scope for the businesses/startups or individuals to gain more revenues through application landscape. Among all application platforms, iOS is considered as the most lucrative platform for growth in the recent times. Though the mobile apps are so much of benefits for businesses yet they do face the challenges. One of the most critical challenges in getting the digital concept developed into a feature-rich and object-oriented iOS application.

Designing: From concept to wireframe and beyond… journey uncovered!!

The app design is as essential for the app development as the coding is. This is the base of the entire application. This is again not as simple as it sounds. It all starts with the brainstorming sessions with an expert iOS App developer goes to conceptualization with listing the features, and then preparing the wireframe designs.


This is the very vital part of the app designing. Hire a reliable Mobile App consultation and development company and present your concept. Explain, the purpose of having an application, the challenges being faced in lack of the app, the audience, the region, domain to serve, the features to be provided in the app etc. Let the consultation team get into the depth of your concept and understand your business. Only an expert consultant, with dynamic exposure to various technical and functional domains, can provide expert consultation. So, make sure you choose the best mobile app consultation company.


After the brainstorming and consultation, the expert project consultant team provide the product conceptualization. You are provided a full-fledged document with a listing of the purpose, technical specification, suggested platforms, app benefits, definite features for the app along with the user flow & admin functions. Make sure that you are provided your entire application concept well. To learn app conceptualization: essential to write down every minute detail that you have in mind about your app idea, concept, the goal of the app and every essential aspect clearly. You should go through every minute detail of it to understand your business app concept.

Wireframe Designing:

After conceptualizing the app, you should proceed to develop the mockup or wireframe for the app. Fundamentally, a wireframe is a drawing/sketch or set of drawings that showcases how an app will work, the user journey, functionality of the features included in the app.

Once App designing is done and you are confident enough for its feasibility, you can start working on app development process. It is really important to follow the right approach towards app development for the success of an iOS app.

Development: Best practices for efficient and bug-free app development

The developer you choose must have hands-on-experience and follow best app development practices for executing app development smoothly. Let’s learn some of the best app development practices that must be followed:

Determine & Setup coding style guides for your iOS app development project

Before actually settling down on app development, it is essential to determine, define and setup coding style guidelines for a project. It is essential to have a proper and streamlined coding convention for uniformity in code structure and easy understandability of the code.

Finalize the app architecture before the coding process

It is important to choose an apt architecture for app development efforts to ensure that an app is easy to understand and has the potential to be effectively tested with low maintenance cost. Before development starts one should choose from different traditional architectures.
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Setup app folder structure

To avoid confusions and ease of coding, it is important to set up app folder structure at first place. It is better to create a streamlined folder structure that makes the app development efforts look more structured and understandable for the whole team.
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Take care of dependency management

As app development requires using third party libraries for development, you should take care of managing dependencies on third-party libraries beforehand to save development time. Library dependency managers such as Cocoapods are available online to fasten development by offering access to thousands of development libraries in minimum time.

A number of other aspects related to iOS development such as the implementation of proper schemes, setting up certificates, provisioning profiles, integrations and delivery processes must be taken care for executing world-class iOS app development project.

Realizing the true potential of a concept through iOS app development

Apple’s app store is one of the world’s largest hotspots that a user frequently visits to try and solve his daily problems that can range from cab bookings, restaurant reservations to shopping online or reading books. Through clear ideation and conceptualization followed by focused iOS app development efforts and effective app marketing techniques, one can easily bring rewarding monetary benefits to his/her app business concept. This is possible by riding the growth wagon fuelled by the global mobile app revolution in the modern times.

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