//Google Play Early Access – An Exclusive Platform for Beta App Testing

Google Play Early Access – An Exclusive Platform for Beta App Testing

Google’s September gift is unveiled.

Excited to know what it is?

The tech giant has introduced a unique concept named “Early Access”. This program is available on Google Play to make the beta testing process of the apps more simplified for Android developers and beta testers.

Beta testing of the app was not so easier before!

Brief on Early Access

Previously, beta testing of an app was a chaotic practice for both developers and testers. It was a challenge for developers to find genuine beta testers and beta testers to get registered as a beta tester with an app of their interest.

Invention of Early Access allows developers to publish their under-development apps on Google Play. It is a value added feature of Google Play where early adopters or beta testers can explore curated list of new apps, choose the interesting one, download it, use it and share their feedback with the developers. So, now the apps will be tested by actual users before the public release.

Let’s see how the ‘Early Access’ program makes things easier for developers and users.

Beta Apps on Google Play

As Google Play holds a separate category for Early Access, it is quite easy for the beta testers to discover the apps of their interest and register with them directly. Users confront two sub-categories under the Early Access program that are ‘Unreleased Apps’ and ‘Games in Development’. Google warns the testers in advance that the beta apps are unstable and might be prone to crash. Additionally, it might not be fully functional as expected.

Organized Beta Testing Process

Earlier, to participate in an app’s beta testing, users needed to join a Google+ group for beta testers. They required getting registered as a beta tester on a beta testing page.

Now, they enjoy a quick and simplified registration process! Go to the Google Play, search for Early Access, and all the beta apps will be right there for you. Download the as many apps as you want.

Availability of the beta app depends on geographical regions you are based in. Moreover, developers cloud setup a download caps, so users have to wait to get the access to the apps if all the intended copies of the app have been distributed.

Millions of Installs in A Month

Within a month, the Early Access achieved a blockbuster success. The unreleased beta titles were installed more than 1 million times. Due to such overwhelming response from users, Google has recognized the program as “an immediate hit” and “a validation of a clear win-win value proposition.” The program helps beta testers to share their actionable feedback through private communication in exchange for the access to unreleased apps and exciting games provided to them.

Direct Interaction

Early Access sets a direct communication platform amongst the developers and beta testers that eliminates the process of open review posting. Let’s say, if you want to share your feedback about a particular app with its developers, they can simply access the app from Google Play under Early Access. User will reach to a page of the app having all required information. At the end is the page, there is “Enter Comment” section where users can submit their opinion to the developers. This is a private interaction that cannot be accessible by any third party user.

Genuine Feedback from Universal Users

Until the time of Early Access release, it was quite difficult for developers to check the quality of app through intellectual beta users. So, they used to rely on the reviews of their inner circles like friends and family. In such case, there are possibilities of not getting genuine feedback, as they are more concerned about not to discourage the app inceptor.

Early Access connects global user base and developers. Now, developers can receive very honest feedback from the mass users having different types of devices belongs from different countries. It helps developers to streamline their efforts and improve the quality and performance of the app before its public launch.

Execute User Feedback to Make a Better App

Developers always sought for users’ feedback to improve the app performance and user’s experience. Early Access app helps them in getting millions of feedback from global beta testers. By incorporating the best and unique ideas and feedback received from the users, developers can launch a better app.

Moreover, during the beta testing, users can identify the things that are wrong in app and developers can fix them before launching it officially. The apps that passed through a beta testing perform better with less difficulties. And, users of the final product will be delighted by using a good product.

Improved App Visibility with Enhanced User Reach

There is a very tough competition when it comes to gaining prime visibility amongst 2.2 million apps listed on Google app store. Isn’t it? Poor visibility reduces the chances of app downloads. So, there are very rare chances that the newly developed app gets attention of users without any marketing efforts. With Early Access, developers can increase the awareness about their app while the app is in early development phase.

If the users download the beta version of the app and share feedback after using it, there are more chances that they will install the final version of the app and stay with the app for long.

Early Access Distributes Copies Not Final Product

The platform facilitates users with the copies of the app and not the final version of it. The final product will be available for use only after the official launch of app on Google Play. To install the public release app, users need to uninstall the free access copy from their device. Later on, they can download the app from Google Play just like another finished app and use it.

Hurry up! Release the beta version of your in-development app on Early Access to get it tested by beta users in order to create a better world of highly functional mobile apps. See the step by step process offered by Google to guide users how to perform the beta testing of an app as a beta tester using the Early Access on Google Play. Stay tuned with Intuz to have latest updates on IT and mobile technologies.

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