//Google Assistant Vs. Siri: Who Will Lead the Future of AI?

Google Assistant Vs. Siri: Who Will Lead the Future of AI?

Almost before a week, my system got crashed at the office. And I needed to switch to a Mac system from Windows. It was an awful moment for me! As I never used Mac system.

Honestly speaking, while using Mac system, I realized actually it is not so difficult to use. Of course! It was tough for me to get used to with the new machine. But what I felt is that it’s made for a class, not for mass.

Most of all, I enjoyed the Siri of Apple system. It’s so easy to get any information with Siri.

Say ‘Hi’ to ‘Siri’! And you are right there with Siri to have virtual assistance around you.

Just for the sake of curiosity, I explored what Siri is all about, and I came to know it’s an AI based virtual assistant platform.

Immediately an idea blink in my mind to have a quick comparison of Siri with the Google Assistant – the new brilliant AI from Google. Because they hold similar technology that is the Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Overview of Siri and Google Assistant

Siri is celebrating the 5 years long-lasting establishment in the tech market. It is considered the first most popular AI platform developed by the tech leader Apple. Later on, several other AI products came into the market, but they were not strong enough to beat the Siri, the closest one being the .

It’s not unbeatable anymore!

Just two months back, Google has introduced a revolutionary chat app called “Google Allo”. It contains an incredible AI feature “Google Assistant”. It is expected to launch as a stand-alone app on Goolgle Pixel devices launched earlier this month.

Since Siri to Google Assistant, Artificial Intelligence has attained new heights. Still, both the technology platforms are popular and giving tough competition to each other to lead the AI trends.

Wanna explore where they are different from each other and why? Let’s dive into it.

Google Assistant Vs. Siri

Auto Response

Auto Response
Google Assistant sends automatic responses on behalf of you. It analyzes your writing style, creates phrases and generic words that are used by you, and store it on Google server. When you are supposed to send similar type of response during your conversation, it identifies and delivers the message accordingly.

For Example; In your past conversation, someone asked you “What’s up?” and you replied back with “I am good. How about you?”. The Google Assistant will send this reply for the same question asked by other contacts when you are busy to type it out by yourself.

Apple doesn’t store user’s data on its server. So, Siri cannot create and send clone messages automatically. It communicates with the users solely.

Memory and Presentation

Google Assistant considers the conversation as a chat log. It stores all the conversations on the Google server until user deletes them. Hence, user can scroll up, read and review the previous questions and their respective answers.

Siri treats each question separately and forgets it once the window has been closed.

Complementary Information

Complementary Information
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All you want to know is on your screen. So, both the platforms facilitate you with knowledge cultivation. Let’s say; you want to know who has created the Statue of Liberty.

Google Assistant displays the name of the artist along with entire encyclopedia including his biography and history. So, it provides additional information that helps you in knowledge enrichment.

Siri also provides the answer to the asked questions. But, it stops after providing the name of the artist.

User Reach

Being available on iOS and Android, Google Assistant enjoys a wide user base.

Siri is available on Apple devices only. So apparently, it gets limited users.

Research Capability

Research Capability
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If you ask a question like “I’m bored” to both the AI platforms, Google Assistant provides several interesting options in the answer such as movie, games, weekend trips and much more.

Siri provides sarcastic one-liner answer to questions along with a passive aggressive response like “We are not amused”.

After analyzing all the above points, we can say, gradually Siri is losing its charm. Today its Google Assistant and tomorrow another technology gives a tough fight to the Siri and wins the leading position in the realm of Artificial Intelligence.

Apple is aware of this fact very well. The company has already started paying attention to AI product enhancements. Right now, Apple is busy in establishing strategic M&A with another tech giant such as Intel and intelligent startups like Nervana Systems, Movidius, and Itseez.

Until Apple comes out with some groundbreaking AI invention, Google Assistant will enjoy the overwhelming response of AI users.

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