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Gaming Mobile Apps: The Strategy to Market is the Key

Creativity and excitement dominate the billion-dollar global gaming industry today, involving innovators, developers, advertisers and content creators. And yes, gamers. Before we further explore Game application marketing strategies, let’s have a look at the number games.

  • The mobile gaming industry stands at a massive $40.6 billion
  • 75% of the revenue generated by iOS apple app store comes from mobile gaming.
  • In 2016, mobile gaming generated 37% of the video gaming returns.
  • As much as 62% of smartphone buyers install a gaming app within a week of making the purchase.
  • Google Play Store generates 90% of its revenue from mobile games.

These statistics clearly define the success of the gaming industry. Well, Still, how many Gaming Mobile Apps can you name out of 8,00,000 odd games offered by the stores?

Marketing of mobile games is all about the art of blending creative excitement with the demands of an ever-changing market. Technical innovations have streamlined user-experience in the gaming industry, still, a sizable section of classy games remains deprived of attention. Research says that only 25% of the apps are being downloaded from the app stores. Also, out of all those apps, only a few are getting popular and being downloaded in the very first month of the app launch.

With thousands of mobile apps available in the stores and only a handful of games making their impact, there’s certainly something wrong with the business.

So, where does the worm lie?

The app marketing strategy.

Around 20% of the gaming developers fail, simply because they ignore the competition. While Marketing your game app, it is necessary to have a look around and check out the features your competitors are integrating.

Today’s gamers belong to a dynamic generation, right from early teens to mid-40’s! With too many competitors running after the gamers with their innovation, you need to come up with impactful Gaming App Marketing strategies to beat the rivalry.

Here, we have put forward four tactics that will deliver optimum exposure to your gaming app and take it to the core of your market.

App store optimization (ASO)

You have come up with a gaming app. You place them in the stores. Fine.
What’s next? What efforts have you put into market your app? The answer lies in app store optimization. Incorporate popular keywords for the apps, update product descriptions and tweak other attributes to help it rank higher in relevant searches. It will boost up the organic downloads of your product.

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Competitive keywords analysis

Competitive keywords analysis is one of the most potent Gaming App Marketing strategies. It is necessary to do the required homework before choosing the right keywords. Well, various tools for keyword spying and keyword planning are available in the cyberspace. You can combine these tools with your efforts and come up with effective keywords.

Paid marketing strategy for games

Even paid installs can lead to organic installs. A research reveals that every paid game install leads to 1.5 organic installs.

Like any other online product, the developers need to embrace the paid marketing strategy. Utilize various channels available to increase the exposure and popularity of these games. In most of these cases, the marketers develop a promotional video of the game and publicize it through social media channels. This is an effective measure for Mobile Gaming App Marketing, as visual language conveys the essence of the gaming experience to the viewers.

Devising the organic strategy

Remember, 90% of the games are downloaded through organic searches. Integrate the right metrics to assess the performance of your ASO strategy for gaming apps. Besides integrating your ASO policy, it is essential to run A/B tests. This will ensure a place for your app in the listings. From time to time, change the key visual elements in your app, like icon, description, titles, and screenshots. Study the impact of these measures on your conversion rate. Focus on different countries and evaluate the response in your Gaming App Marketing strategy. Remember that ASO takes time to produce its results.

So, before coming up with your marketing strategy, brainstorm your ideas and identify the latest trends of gaming app marketing, research the popular games’ marketing strategy, analyze the audience for your game app and prepare your strategy accordingly. Feel the pulse and aspirations of today’s gamers before you leap into the market and use relevant channels including social media platforms for marketing your gaming app. These Gaming App Marketing tips will push you through the competition till you gain the attention of a sizable audience.

Need an app marketing strategy? Write to the experts, for a free consultation session!!

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