//Cultivating Better App Development Ecosystem With The New iOS 11
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Cultivating Better App Development Ecosystem With The New iOS 11

After the successful wrap up of WWDC 2017, everyone is eagerly waiting for the official release of iOS 11. At the event, the tech giant announced several avant-garde updates for the recent offerings as well as launched new products. Now, it’s time to wait, watch, and think about the after effects of the latest releases.
Tech leaders are analyzing the iOS 11 from the user’s perspective, whereas Intuz tries to focus on biz world. We have analyzed iOS 11 updates and studied them in detail in order to get the answer of ‘How iOS 11 is reshaping the way businesses and an app development ecosystem operate?’ As we are talking about an app ecosystem, it is incomplete without the technology professionals (developers). So basically, here we are going to reveal the hidden potential of world’s largest mobile operating system.

How iOS 11 Is Reforming the Mobile App Development Ecosystem?

Inventions are always intended for improvements. Until the time Apple’s operating system was primarily focused on users, but gradually they are trying to address the needs of businesses. Parallel, they are taking care about the IT experts too. Offering breakthrough updates, Apple enables developers to facilitate organizations with robust iOS app development. Let’s see the future of businesses and tech industry with latest iOS updates.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The biggest update introduced in Apple Keynote 2017. Augmented Reality is the futuristic technology that holds excellent capabilities to merge the real world and digital world to deliver an amazing experience to the users. Launching AR as the default part of iOS 11, Apple has reduced the burden of businesses as well as developers to integrate any third party tool in the app. Now, AR-based iOS apps can smoothly perform the respective operations.

For example; if you want to develop a gaming app like ‘Pokémon Go’, it requires less effort for iOS platform due to default support for augmented reality. Apart from games, it is very helpful to the retail industry as well. In this fall, the update will be available on all Apple devices. Then, Apple will become the first tech company having such a wide AR platform.


Siri becomes smarter than before. It understands the user’s needs through intelligence, delivers the most relevant results, and assist accordingly. For example, if the user frequently asks about the Hyatt hotels nearby, Siri might enable him/her with some relevant information in Apple news. Thus, Siri allows companies to reach out to the targeted users easily and address their specific requisites effectively.

In the latest update, Siri started translating English into multiple languages such as Chinese, Spanish, German, French, and Italian. If you have posted your online content in English, Siri can translate the content into the 5 different languages as per user’s choice. It rises an opportunity for organizations to cover a larger market. Earlier, it was quite tough to approach international market due to the language barrier.

Developers need not integrate a 3rd party multilingual support tool in the app. Users can receive the all the required details in their own language.

Business Chat as A Customer Service

Business chat is a new feature introduced in iOS 11. Organizations can offer exclusive customer support services to the clientele by interacting with them in real-time. Connect with customers through iMessenger and address their concerns instantly. Business chat sets up a seamless text conversation amongst businesses and consumers.

Developers need not waste their time and efforts in creating or integrating a chat application. As the iMessenger app is available on iPhone, iPad and Apple watch, customers can communicate with the support staff of the company anytime anywhere.

Apple permits professionals to make their appointment system more simplified and automated. For example; if a patient booked an appointment with the doctor using the iMessenger. The data will be updated in the calendar of both the parties. Additionally, the doctor can check out other appointments, so he can avoid conflicts with his schedule.

Apple Pay

While interacting with the customers in real-time, the company representative can offer them versatile products and services as per their specific requirements. The iMessenger allows organizations to buy and sell the stuff from the same window. The organization does not require to create a separate e-commerce store for the sell the products and services.

The consumer need not switch to another window and search for the stuff. iMessenger displays the products or services in the listing format and also allows to continue the conversation in the same window. It becomes more flexible for the customers as they can manage the conversation and trading parallel from the same window.

Apple Pay
When it comes to payment, they can use Apple Pay. Customers can purchase the product from the iMessenger and pay via Apple Pay. The amount will be credited in company’s Apple Pay Account. No need to invest in any 3rd party payment gateway integration as Apple Pay is one of the highly secured platforms for online transactions.

So, companies! are you ready to leverage the breakthrough offerings of iOS 11?

These are a few latest updates that contain the ability to drive positive results for the businesses. Apple is constantly working on other features and trying to make them capable of addressing several issues of diversified industries. We can expect the revolutionary updates in other offerings of iOS 11 such as AirPay2, Apple Music, indoor map, photo features, HomeKit, etc. But of course, to learn about the improvement in the rest of the existing features we have to wait until WWDC 2018. Who knows next year iOS comes with numerous new features that are specifically designed for biz world.

Introducing out-of-the-box updates, Apple becomes a renowned platform amongst businesses. While analyzing practically, all the above updates help companies and developers in saving cost and efforts respectively. They can focus on developing state of the art features that help them in standing out of their competitors, driving enormous traffic, and increasing the ROI.

Having a team of iOS enthusiasts, Intuz closely watch everyday update of iOS platform. We practice to build next-generation mobile apps using latest tools and technologies so clients do not face any compatibility issues. So, get in touch with us to develop dynamic iOS applications to gain a competitive edge.

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