//Cloud Migration – What You Can Expect in 2017?

Cloud Migration – What You Can Expect in 2017?

Journey of cloud in IT is full of ups and downs. Since last 10 years, cloud platform has introduced several hi-tech tools and technologies. Some of them have received incredible appreciation and overwhelming response while other were completely vain.

However, after a decade-long struggle for stability, cloud becomes a mature platform for businesses to move towards with security and compliance.
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2016 has been a remarkable year in history of cloud, as the platform has gained the attention and adoption of businesses in considerable amount. It is an inflation point for cloud to set and attain new heights. And 2017 is going to be a landmark as small to large scale organizations will start taking benefits of cloud platform in order to expand their business reach and enhance the productivity.

Especially, cloud will unveil lots of new flavors in its growth cycle by introducing advanced technology enhancements in the sphere of migration. Let’s have few insights how cloud migration will play a key role in rising the success graph of cloud computing.

Bigger Market for Migration

2017 will witness larger deals for cloud deployments. IT will move fast for cloud migration with the smaller learning curve. Public cloud service providers will introduce more advanced and robust tools by considering the increasing usage of public cloud. Enterprise will be enough tech savvy to understand and adopt the tools to automate their business processes.

Still, few issues will be continuing such as compliance, governance, and security. Additionally, workloads that are not good fits for cloud will also be a concern.

Cloud Governance and Management

Successive voyage of migration will drive the tipping pint to the public cloud in order to manage workloads. As usual, IT will have too many things to manage manually. With the hi-tech tools, the management and governance of cloud applications and services will be easier.

Container Will Be Slicker for New Applications

Containers are growing in a real sense for both Dockers and lesser known competitors. They will become a compelling technology and design pattern. However, containers will work for new applications only not the old one. New applications hold advanced IT amenities that systematically run the container design into the application.

It is possible to use containers into the existing applications, but it will be quite risky and costly. Implementation of containers in old applications require lots of rework that will hurt their functional efficiency.

Cloud landscape will grow with larger scale and faster pace in 2017. It will drive few challenges for the enterprises as well. They will have to amass people, technology, and processes needed to proceeds.

Transformation is never new for IT! The industry has experienced this before while moving to PCs, web, distributes systems, etc. No doubt, this time it will be harder than ever. But yeah, it will be worth enough as cloud adoption will be a truly game changer strategy in the long run.

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