//AWS Made Our Day With 18 New Futuristic Updates

AWS Made Our Day With 18 New Futuristic Updates

The largest event of computing technology “AWS re:Invent 2016” is going on in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just 2 days in and there came “the” keynote by Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy, announcing the AWS future and revealing the latest updates.

Andy announced and introduced several breakthrough products, services, and innovations for the AWS followers and Cloud community. Don’t miss to read out all the updates. Boost your business with advanced automation of complex enterprise operations by implementing hi-tech offering of AWS.

Being a premier AWS cloud service provider, we were super excited to see the new AWS dashboard, cool (& confusing) new icons and play around with the new-age features that were introduced. Here’s all the latest tools and technologies of Amazon Cloud unveiled at the keynote, yet.

1) EC2 R4 Instances

At re: Invent 2016, AWS has launched R4 instances. It is the next generation of Amazon EC2 Memory Optimized instances, featuring a new Intel Broadwell processor, a larger instances size, and improved EBS and networking performance. It is cheaper on per GiB of RAM compared R3 instances.

R4 instances are well-suited for latency-sensitive and memory-intensive workloads such data analysis and mining, Business Intelligence (BI), distributed webscale in-memory caching, and in-memory databases. It is also best for the applications that are performing real-time processing of unstructured big data.

2) Amazon Rekognition

One more service is added to the portfolio of Amazon. Now it is easy to add image analysis in the applications. You can detect faces, objects, and scenes in images. Moreover, Rekognition services allow you to compare and search faces. With the help of Rekognition API, you can develop powerful visuals discovery and search in the application. It offers you flexibility to pay for the face metadata you store and images you analyze.

3) Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly
It is an advanced AI service of Amazon. Using the Polly, you can create speech-enabled applications. It turns text into lifelike speech. Polly uses advanced app learning technologies that synthesize speech, and sounds like a human voice. The AI-based technology offers 47 lifelike speeches spread across 24 languages. You can select the ideal voice to develop speech-enabled products that work in many different countries. It provides an affordable way to build Text-to-Speech everywhere.

4) AWS Greengrass

An advanced software of Amazon that allows to run messaging, data caching and local compute for connected devices in a secure way. It enables connected devices to run with Lambda functions, communicate with other devices securely, and keep data in sync. Using the outstanding capabilities of AWS Lambda, AWS Greengrass assures that your IoT devices can operate with intermittent connections, respond quickly to local events, and reduce the cost of transmitting IoT data to the Cloud.

5) Amazon EC2 I3 Instances

Amazon EC2 I3 instances hold hi-tech Storage Optimized High-I/O instances. It is specially designed for most demanding High I/O workloads such as low-latency Non-Volatile Memory Express based SSDs. Amazon EC2 I3 instances are suitable for workloads like data warehousing applications, transactional processing systems, Elasticsearch workloads, analytics workloads and relational and NoSQL databases.

6) PostgreSQL and Amazon Aurora

PostgreSQL and Amazon Aurora
Amazon Aurora is supported by PostgreSQL. From now, customers can experience the robust durability, security, and scalability of Amazon Aurora. Additionally, it provides exclusively better performance than the standard PostgreSQL database.

7) AWS Mobile Hub and Amazon Lex Integration

Integration of AWS Mobile Hub with Amazon Lex helps you to create a text and speech-enabled mobile app. AWS Mobile Hub empowers the Amazon Lex to develop engaging text and speech-based conversational bots in your apps. When you develop bot with Mobile Hub using Amazon Lex, it identifies the intent of natural language input and triggers proper business functions. Integrate appealing conversational experiences for common app scenarios such as ordering products, querying an internal IT help desk systems, tickets bookings, etc.

8) Athena

Amazon Athena is a serverless query service that offers easy data analysis in Amazon S3 using standard SQL. Just a few clicks in AWS Management Console, and clients can use Athena for their data storage in S3. It also allows customer for using standards SQL to run ad-hoc queries and generate outputs in seconds.

Athena requires no infrastructure set up as well as no cluster to manage and tune. However, clients need to pay only for the quires they run. Athena holds capability of automatic scaling. It executes all queries in parallel that enables customers to receive faster results even with complex queries and larger database.

9) Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail is a revolutionary technology that provides the easiest way to create and manage a virtual private server with AWS. Lightsail contains everything that you need for the quick start of your project such as DNS management, a virtual machine, data transfer, SSD-based storage, and a static IP.

10) Regional Edge Caches

This is an addition to the CloudFront. It’s a new type of edge location that improves performance of your viewers by minimizing original costs, reducing operational burden associated with scaling your origin and minimizing the load on your original resources. Regional Edge Caches is by default offering of your CloudFront Distributions. Take the advantages of this feature without changing your existing distributions. Even this feature has no addition charges.

11) Amazon EC2 F1 Instances

It is a compute instance of Amazon. It works with Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) so that you can plan out custom hardware accelerations for your app. EC2 F1 Instances are quite easy-to-use and offers a wide-range of services that you need for debugging, simulation, and development. It complies hardware acceleration code including Hardware Development Kits and FPGA Developer AMI.

It is easy to deploy your FPGA on the F1 instances. Complete your FPGA design, register it as an Amazon FPGA Image (AFI), then quickly deploy it to your F1 instances in a few clicks. Reuse your AFIs as many times and across as many F1 instances as you wish. You can also sell your AFIs on AWS Marketplace for other customers to buy.

12) AWS IoT Button

Configure AWS IoT Button, within your new iOS and Android mobile apps. It simplifies various processes of your mobile app such as configuring, programming and registering. With the pre-configuration of AWS Lambda blueprints, your app allows for quick program the button to send an email or SMS when clicked. Else, you are free to develop your own code for the functionality of your choice.

13) Amazon EC2 C5 Instances

C5 instances are the most powerful Compute Optimized instances that perform excellent and available at the highly affordable costs. It is based on Intel’s next-generation Skylake Xeon Processor. Customers can utilize Amazon EC2 C5 instances for compute intensive workloads such as machine learning interface, 3D rendering, ad serving, distributed analytics, cluster computing, and scientific modeling.

14) Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs

It enables customers to easily attach low-cost graphics accelerations to existing EC2 instances. Elastic GPUs allow customers to select the GPU resources as per the size of your workload so that you can improve graphic performance of your apps for a fraction of the cost of stand-alone graphics. It is highly suitable if you require a small amount of GPU for graphic acceleration or have apps that could advantage from some GPU. However, Elastic GPUs also require high amounts of memory, storage or compute.

15) Amazon Lex

An advanced service of Amazon to build a conversational interface in any app using text and voice. Amazon Lex offers deep learning functionalities of natural language understanding (NLU) to identify the intent of the text, automatic speech recognition(ASR) for transforming speech to text. These functionalities permit customers to develop applications with lifelike conversational interactions and highly engaging user interface.

16) AWS Snowmobile

Snowball is an Exabyte-scale data transfer service of Amazon that holds outstanding capabilities to move the extremely large data to AWS server in a secure, fast, and cost-effective way. It easily moves large volume data to the cloud including image repositories, complete data center migration and video libraries. Your data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. Manage your encryption keys with AWS Key Management Services (AWS KMS). Snowmobile involves alarm monitoring, GPS tracking, 24/7 video surveillance and escort security vehicle while in transit.

17) AWS Snowball Edge

Snowball is a hi-tech device of Amazon that transfers 100 TB data with on-board compute and storage. It enables you to transfer a large volume of data out of and into AWS as a temporary storage tier for large local data sets. Additionally, it also supports independent local workloads in remote locations.

18) t2.xlarge and t2.2xlarge

t2.xlarge and t2.2xlarge are the latest Amazon EC2 burstable-performance instances. t2.xlarge contains 4vCPU and 16 GiB of memory. On the other hand, t2.2xlarge features 8vCPU and 32 GiB of memory. These are the best options for larger workloads. Similar to other T2 instances, t2.xlarge and t2.2xlarge are also ideal for the workloads that require a consistent baseline performance with the ability to burst.

That’s all from my end until now! As expected, AWS re:Invent 2016 is making a big bash at the end of 2016. Looking for more AWS updates? Intuz is covering the entire event through all possible online media. Stay tuned with us to have the latest information of recently released Amazon Cloud tools and technologies.

Image Credits: AWS re:Invent Twitter account

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