//Augmented Reality: It’s Not Magic Anymore!

Augmented Reality: It’s Not Magic Anymore!


We bring you a levitating globe right in the middle of your room. Tada!

Not impressed, huh?

Alright, the trick is over. We all know it’s not magic, its AR technology and it’s really here.

The journey of augmented reality is too long. It was conceptualized in 1901 with very basic level of perception. Time by time, the technology experienced various good as well as bad phases. At times, people started believing that augmented reality is a fairy tale and not going to be the part a real environment ever.

Out of expectations, the technology got more and more attention of information technology researchers year by year. Almost after the journey of 115 years, it is here to be the next big technology. Undoubtedly, it will create a profound impact on personal, social and commercial aspects across the globe.

From 2013, tech market leaders started focusing on development of augmented reality based hardware and software to take the world to next level. Their breakthrough innovations have empowered the AR with incredible strengths and set the advanced trends for the technology.

Top 5 Trendsetters for Augmented Reality

1. Google

In 2013, Google announced the development of ‘Google Glass,’ the augmented reality glasses. The glasses can access the internet through Bluetooth that connects to the wireless services on a cell phone of user. The glasses respond to users when they speak and touch the frame as well as move or tilt the head. Even after the recent rollback and criticisms faced by Glass, the team is adamant that the next versions are being worked upon for a better consumer-friendly product.

2. Microsoft

In 2015, Microsoft announced the game-changing HoloLens. It is an augmented reality based headset that uses several sensors and a processing unit to connect HoloLens with the real world for breathtaking experiences. From gaming to design to entertainment, HoloLens is all set to redefine the reality of today. The developer version of HoloLens has recently been distributed, paving way for a consumer version, hopefully very soon.

3. Apple

In 2015, Apple acquired the augmented reality company Metio. Recently, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, confirmed that the company is working on augmented reality to develop great things for customers and commercial opportunities. It’s never too late for Apple in any race, I guess!

4. Niantic

A company that is suddenly the tip-of-the-tongue word for millions this year, Niantic, became a leading augmented reality-based mobile app game development company after the immense success of Pokémon Go. By using AR for gaming, entertainment and impeccable social experience, it has made augmented reality a leading technology. Headed by John Hanke, Niantic was also responsible for another AR hit game Ingress.


Verizon is using augmented reality to improve otherwise flat displays by covering extra details. They are working to use the VR capabilities for the sports. They are planning to create an augmented reality-based mobile app that will allow in-stadium NFL fans to identify their on-field players and have detailed insights in a bubble which would hover over each player in real-time.

The future of augmented reality technology is assured as the tech companies are passionate to deliver a unique experience of accessing virtual elements in the real world. The race of optimum utilization of augmented reality capabilities has set new standards in the IT world. Lets see some front-runners in AR on Android and iOS stores. (not in order)

10 Best AR Apps in the World

1. Google Ingress

Google Ingress
Ingress is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic, originally published by Google. It is one of the most creative AR gaming apps. The game works with the concept of MMO (Massively Multiplayer online) that divides players into two teams. The app allows both teams to fight for control of a virtual geographical location in a game of ‘king of the hill’.

2. Yelp Monocle

By developing social reviewing augmented reality app in 2009, Yelp stays ahead in the curve. Yelp Monocle provides people’s review for a particular service provider. The app uses user’s smartphone to access GPS and shows AR markers about nearby bars, casinos, hotels, restaurant, and other businesses in real-time.

It shows user-generated reviews and rating of the particular business as well.

3. Layar

Layar app is developed to transform print content into digital one. It permits users to scan and pull the data instantly from a variety of commonplace content using their tablets/smartphones. Once the app completes scanning of the image from a print material, it retrieves the shopping links of the particular product in matter of seconds, or track videos encapsulating the latest cover shoots for a particular magazine.

4. Augmented Car Finder

Augmented Car Finder
The app helps users in finding their car, in case, they forget where they parked their car in a large parking lot. Augmented Car Finder is specifically designed to guide users to identify location of their vehicle in a maze of parking lots.

Once the vehicle location is discovered, the app shows a marker at the place where the user has parked a car. It also displays distance amongst user’s location and car’s location as well as provides precise direction to reach there. This app is very useful in highly crowded areas such as convention center, stadiums, malls, etc.

5. Augment

Augment app offers a 3D presentation of any property or product. It gives life to print and increases the sales by delivering amazing visualization of products and ads. To access the app, users need to sign up for free. They need to upload their printed 3D design and custom trackers from the different applications like Maya, Sketch up, Cinema 4D, and place the 3D models in a virtual environment with the help of camera.

6. SnapShot Showroom

SnapShot Showroom
The AR app of SnapShot Showroom permits users to check how the selected furniture will look at the chosen area of the home such as bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, children’s room, and any other desired corner. Take a pic of the room/place you want to furnish, browse that snap in the app, and set assorted items into the pic to experience real-time look of product in your home.

7. Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go
Pokémon Go is the biggest hit in augmented reality-based mobile game. It allows users to discover and capture Pokémon around their real environment. So, it insists users to step outside and explore the world. After the Ingress, this is another big AR app developed by Niantic, published by Nintendo. The game has driven people crazy by allowing them to catch monsters, train them, fight them, collect them and explore the dream (now real) world of Pokémon.

8. Quiver

Quiver helps children in opening the doors of imagination. It gives life to the picture, printed on a page and colored by the children. The app offers a lot of fun and excitement to adults and children alike by delivering a magical experience with the unique blend between picture/element of a color book and augmented reality technology.

The app needs a printed color page. Users have to download the free coloring packs from Quiver website. Once the coloring in the drawing is done, user can view the pictures through the app and bring them to life.

9. AR Invaders

AR Invaders
AR Invaders delivers an out-of-the-box gaming experience to the users. It transforms the user’s surrounding into a war zone with attacking alien forces. Due to the unique design and development, they won “International Mobile Gaming Award” for the best real world game. They also own honor of finalist in Best App Ever Awards. AR Invaders has created classic alien invasion game theme with an augmented reality twist.

10. Theodolite

Theodolite is a multi-functional viewfinder for iPhone and iPad. It helps boatmen, riders, hunters, golfers, hikers, etc. in identifying the correct direction from their existing location. It discovers the exact longitude, latitude, and elevation of the users while trekking through the wilderness, trailing mountains or while sailing seas. The app contains a compass, rangefinder, GPS, two-axis inclinometer, and many their functions into one indispensable app which gets displayed in an HUD-inspired interface in real-time on the mobile screen.

All these are flying glimpse of emerging phase of augmented reality; the technology has much more to come that will thrive the world with innovating development offerings in the various arenas of human life. Stay tuned with Intuz and we will keep you informed with the latest trends of AR with its more advanced capabilities and awesome new apps!

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