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Artificial Intelligence: A Rising Star of Mobile Technology

“We are evolving for a mobile-first to AI first world. Computing will be available everywhere in the context of a human’s daily life” Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, rightly glimpsed the future at the Google hardware event yesterday.

Flow of innovation is never switched off in the tech era we are living in. Every day comes with completely way-out inventions and futuristic technologies to challenge the limitations of the previous one. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the ingenious technologies that has a significant presence not only in technology space but human life as well!

Lets walkthrough the glimpses of Artificial Intelligence right from its history to future. Look over the invincible milestones of AI that are harder to achieve for any other technology in terms of impacting people’s personal space rather than machines.

Ideation of Artificial Intelligence

Several rumors, stories, and myths are connected with the conception of AI. The history of AI began in antiquity. However, the modern theory came into existence in 1950 while Alan Turing proposed the Turing Test as a measure of machine intelligence.

The term Artificial Intelligence is invented by John McCarthy in 1956. He defines AI as “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

AI enables machines to think and act like human brains. It analyzes human behavior in the process of solving a problem and making a decision. Accordingly, AI embeds the ability to learn, work and decide in machines, software, and systems so that they can respond smartly in various situations.

Journey of AI in Robotics and Mobile Apps

In early age, use of AI was limited to the computers. Later on, robotics came into the picture. In our day, it becomes an integral part of human life by expanding its technical proficiency for mobile platforms. Introducing highly intuitive apps, AI is changing the everyday lives of users profoundly.



Alan Turing proposed the Turing Test that defines a standard for a machine to be called “intelligent”.


John McCarthy introduced the term “Artificial Intelligence” during the 2nd Dartmouth Conference.

Since then, rare industry domains remained untouched by AI. It has revolutionized several industry verticals such as Finance, Hospitals and Medicines, Telecommunications, Aviation, Toys, Games, Music, and so on. However, the invention of autonomous robots was a landmark achievement in the history of AI.



Shakey: A robot that combines perception, problem solving and locomotion.

UNIMATE: Launch of 1st industrial robot goes to work for General Motors.


Freddy Robot: A robot that uses visual perception to locate and assemble models.


Sojourner: NASA deploys the 1st robot on Mars.


ASIMO: Honda launched a robot walks as fast as a human while delivering trays to customers in a restaurant.

After 2000s

Google Brains: A computer cluster that trains itself to recognize a cat from millions of images in YouTube videos.

Mobile Apps

With the AI, IT attains new heights in different areas by developing next generation software, systems, tools, technologies.

Now its turn of Mobile platform! AI has penetrated in the mobile market to amaze the large user base with amazing applications. The tech world is moving beyond simple to a complex algorithm for mobile apps.

From the tech leaders such as Google, IBM, Facebook, etc. to small startups have started investing in Artificial Intelligence. Look around! There are a number of personal assistance apps available on iOS and Android platform. Integration of AI in mobile apps allows users to make instant and advanced decisions with the greater user experience.

Best AI Mobile Apps

Google Allo

Google Allo

Google has recently introduced its AI-based chat app called “Allo”. It helps users to make smart conversation through instant response using Google Assistance. The app analyzes user’s behavior and accordingly modifies the response. With Allo, the communication becomes more intuitive and quicker. Moreover, the app merges the best of Google’s predictive and search superpowers along with excellent personal assistance.



Evi is always ready to answer any of your questions. The app has collected a comprehensive database of billions of facts and is learning more each day. Amazing part of the app is, it allows users to ask questions in their natural spoken text or language. Evi identifies what user wants to discover and replies back exactly what he/she is looking for. Improve your knowledge with Evi that responds you in her own voice as well as written text. The app does not simply share links; it displays exact information.



Bernie is an online dating app that offers smartest matchmaking assistance. It learns who you find physically attractive and connects to your Happn or Tinder account to find perfect matches who are mutually interested in you. Using the advanced artificial intelligence, Bernie manages the multiple dating accounts. The app also understands the ‘markers’ in each human face that makes an individual different from others.

Insert your preferences in the app and train it to think and work like you to get the potential matches in Happn or Tinder. Bernie thinks like you and works in the background to search the perfect matches for you by considering your criteria.

Are you planning to develop a robust AI app to simplify the life of your target audience? Don’t worry about its execution. Share your unique ideas with our experts. Intuz team would glad to help you in transforming your awaited dream into reality by offering end-to-end AI-based app development.

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