//Are You Ready to Harness the Power of These Native Enterprise Apps?

Are You Ready to Harness the Power of These Native Enterprise Apps?

Now the life of native enterprise mobile app users will become smoother than ever as the two giants Apple and SAP announced a partnership to enhance the mobile work experience for companies. Adopting the state-of-the-art capabilities of SAP HANA platform, iPhone and iPad native enterprise apps will be more powerful to perform complex business operations in a simplest possible way.

Both the companies have decided to develop a new software development kit for each platform i.e. iOS and SAP HANA. Blending of these two technologies will facilitate businesses to build up exclusively customized native apps for iOS with creativity as well as security and address their versatile functional needs. This partnership will boost the native app platform up to next level by improving productivity at minimal investment of time and money.

Leverage the competencies of these two market leaders to accelerate your business growth with exclusive benefits.

Revolutionary Benefits of Native Enterprise Apps to Businesses

Comprehensive Business Transformation

Security and unmatchable Innovation of iOS and business software excellence of SAP will open new doors of opportunities for enterprises by transforming their way of doing business through iPhone and iPad native enterprise apps. SAP is a global leader while it comes to enterprise software development for web or mobile platforms with complex business transactions. When the exceptional capabilities of a new SAP HANA SDK will unite with iOS, businesses will experience a true transformation of their operational and functional processes with incredible possibilities.

Agile Experience

The upcoming iOS native enterprise apps will offer intuitive and agile business experience through quick business data analysis, sharing and processing using the power of SAP HANA cloud platform. The workforce will be able to perform their job anytime anywhere by accessing the live enterprise data using the iPhone and iPad. This will be possible due to perfect combination of SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA with iOS that will build highly efficient and secure platform for the native enterprise mobile apps.

Streamlined Processes

SAP HANA cloud platform is an open Platform as a Service. Using the power of SAP HANA Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, businesses will be able to develop robust native enterprise apps that permit users to access core data and business processes in no time. This will simply increase the overall productivity of an enterprise. Additionally, businesses will leverage iPhone and iPad features such as Notifications, Location Services, and Touch ID to accelerate their operational processes.

Award-winning User Experience

Businesses can utilize SAP Fiori user experience for iOS design language to create next-generation native enterprise apps that address critical business needs of the enterprises. The combo of SAP Fiori and iOS cater amazing UX to people of all industry domains so they will have quick access to critical processes and data of their respective enterprise with smoother workflow.

With the familiar user experience, it is quite easy for on-field and off-field workers to access and share the data in fraction of minutes. This will also help enterprise workforce to make important actions and decisions quickly using iPhone and iPad.

Creating and executing powerful enterprise native app development strategies for successfully boosting the ROI and meeting the business goals will never be as easy.

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