//App of The Month – Super Mario Made The Run Of The Year

App of The Month – Super Mario Made The Run Of The Year

We are back again with another breakthrough app!

Yeah, this time out target is the most popular and everyone’s favorite Mario. For many of us, it’s not just like an another game. It holds a strong connection with our childhood memories.

There was a time when Mario series was available as a video game. Kids were fond of and crazy to play the game series by sitting in front of the television for a long time. I know this because I am also a big fan of Mario series. Ah, the nostalgia!

What a wonderful time it was!!! And here it is back again with Super Mario Run.

On 15th December 2016, Nintendo has launched the Super Mario Run for iOS platform. The company announced to make this app available for Android users in the upcoming year.

Within the 4 days of its releases, it becomes talk of the town. According to Apptopia, the app has attained 2,850,000 downloads in its first day. The number is two times more in compared to Pokémon Go. As per the Appannie, the app has received 3.5 million downloads from the U.S. within 14 hours and 10 million downloads worldwide.

Let see what’s the game carries inside that amazes the people, increases their curiosity and craving to play the game.

Targeting Two Generations

Mario is ruling the heart of its followers since 1981, the 1st release of a video game. By launching this game for mobile platform, Nintendo has targeted two different generations. There is a class of people who have already played it as a video game, and the millennials for whom both the game and concept are new. By introducing exceptional elements in terms of design and development, the company has made it ‘Game of the Year’.

Software/Hardware Harmony

Nintendo has developed/is developing the game for someone’s hardware. It is something the company has never had to do so in its past. For Super Mario Run, Nintendo is trying to embrace the strengths and cater to the limitations of a device that was not designed for gaming. However, it’s not as magical as Pokémon Go, but it’s not a failure as well. But yeah we can say it fits less as an example of software/hardware harmony.

Play Single-Handedly

The company designed the control scheme of the game in a way that users can play it single-handedly. Users can smoothly play the game with one hand while they are traveling by bus or train in standing position and holding the handle with another hand. That means you can play the title in portrait mode of the phone. It is a bit different from the other mobile sidescroller games launched till now.

In Super Mario Run, it is not mandatory for the users to play the game in horizontal mode. They can use game’s vertical mode that too covers both ground in one fell swoop including space for a screen based control panels.

Automated Moves

Introducing advanced automation in few moves, Nintendo has made the game easy to play. When you move the camera, Mario also moves along with it.

Additionally, new Mario jumps automatically to avoid obstacles and villains. However, it takes time to learn to get used to with it. So Super Mario Run becomes more advanced and entertaining than before. In previous versions of Mario, jumping is used to collect coins, power up and clear holes.

In the initial levels, the jumping movements seem easy to perform. But after few levels, users require strategic thinking for constant push forward of Mario.

Portrait Orientations

Mario covers few tips and tricks from other games of Nintendo Entertainment Systems. Game’s portrait orientation turns Mario into even more of a vertical mode in compared its predecessors. You can experience this in a sort of plumber parkour that finds him jumping off the sides of walls to advance higher up.

While users are interacting with jumping, the game offers variations in the theme. Mario can jump higher by holding down for a longer time period and tapping again while in the air.

Bubble in Mario

Being different from rest of the Mario games, the most seasoned Mario players will land to a bad path. But the game offers second and third chance to rescue Mario in a bubble reminiscent of The Prisoner, picking up the level wherever the player pops it. Player can reply on the level as many time they like without running out of life, but unless they happen upon more bubbles, they only get three shots per, before they have to start the level from scratch.

Countdown Clock

The game contains countdown clock, so players have to strategize their moves to complete the level in limited time. More innovations are introduced in the game such as pause blocks that allow Mario regroup as he considers the careful geometry of his next leap.

Intellectual Property

In Mario, Nintendo has managed its IP very well in terms of soundtrack, cast, and design. The game looks beautiful having advanced graphical capabilities and iPhone’s color gamut. The game contains bright colors that are visually delightful, and it comprises small sized characters that are easy for the eye to see. Soundtracks and sound effects become catchier with a great mix of the classic.

$10 – Game Price

Nintendo offers the game for free up to some levels. But to play the advanced level, users have to pay $10. It’s really a small cost to have loads of fun.

Replay Value

The company offers extensive replay value to the users by catering with various challenges that are unlocked when pink and then purple coins are collected. Gathering of coins is crazy fun. It also requires some complex jumping strategies that bring to mind puzzle games like Mario vs. Donkey King. All of these are compounded by the fact that player has got to capture them all in one go.

Social Components

Use the social components offered by the company and complete with the players across the globe in a Toad Rally, where in-course clearing on judged by fellow Toads by style points gathered.

Game Value

The game gives you true value of the cost you pay for it. The deeper you play; you will feel all the levels differ from each other greatly. Each level involves different challenges, villains, and settings. Such diversity increases curiosity amongst several generations of Mario platformers.

If users ignore the coin based challenges, they will find difficult to defeat the whole things in a couple of hours. Levels available in $10 cost are still steeper.

Constant Internet Connection

The game requires a constant internet connection in the device to play the game continuously.

Have a full-fledged gaming experience rather than playing with the Mario version of Fruit Ninja.

Keep Playing, Happy Gaming!!!

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