//App of The Month: Prisma, The Van Gogh Successor

App of The Month: Prisma, The Van Gogh Successor

Insanity of Pokémon Go is already in the air, and we have another masterpiece that has started buzzing around.

Yes! This time, the crown of “App of the Month” goes to “Prisma”. The app has won the heart of several users by converting their mundane photos into magnificent portraits with the fusion of artificial intelligence and neural networks.

Users can have an intelligent artistic touch to their photographs and transform the shots into magnificent portraits using the Van Gogh’s imagination and Picasso’s brushstrokes in a few taps.

Witness the journey of Prisma with us. Scrutinize everything about the app, right from its inspection to massive user engagement.

Launch and Adoption

Prisma is an advanced photo editing app developed by a Russian startup Prisma Labs, headed by Alexey Moiseenkov. The app launched on 11th June 2016 as a free iOS application.

Within a week after its inception, the app received over 1 million active users and over 7.5 million downloaded as of July 2016. Prisma has reserved the top stop in the app stores across the Russia as well as various former Soviet states such as Estonia and Ukraine.

At the end of July 2016, the app installed on 12.5 million devices with over 1.5 million active users across the globe. App Annie, an analytics firm, confirmed that Prisma was listed in top 10 apps on the app stores across the 77 counties.

On 24th July 2016, Prisma is launched on Google Play Store and received over 1.7 million downloads and 50 million photos processed by the app.
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How Prisma Works?

With a simple interface, Prisma is a very user-friendly photo editing app. Users can either click a photo using the app or upload a pic from the gallery. It allows users to crop the pic as per specific requirements. There are 33 different filters available in the app. Each filter contains famous art style. Users can try selective filters to convert the photograph into an iconic painting like ‘The Scream’.

Once the app adds filters on the shot, users can set intensity of the look before posting the pic on Facebook or Instagram.

How Prisma Works?

Unique Selling Point of Prisma

The app is loaded with unique filters that are missing in the rest of the apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. Prisma goes beyond film simulator filters, that are widely available across other photo editing apps, and recreates a realistic digital painting.

Prisma lets users rejoice artsy effect on their photos by using the style of famous painters such as Picasso, Lavitan, or Van Gogh. Some of the filters are based on world’s famous ornaments and pattern styles. It does not add any filter on the top of the image, but recreates the entire image from scratch by blending artificial intelligence and neural network algorithms.

Core Differentiators


Prisma facilitates users with the quick image processing in compared to other apps belong from the same category. It transmits the parsing in the cloud and provides instant result on your smartphone.


Prisma is connected with popular social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. So users can easily share their Prisma pics on the social networks using the app itself and instantly upload a profile pic!

On the other hand, the app is supported by famous public figures such as Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and celebrities like Irina Shayk, Natalia Vodianova, and Alexei Venediktov. They themselves have used the app to redo photographs.


Key quality of Prisma is, that the app does not apply filters on the picture, but it redraws the entire picture in a specific artsy way. It converts a regular pic into a masterpiece painting utilizing neural networks and delivers an incredibly outstanding result.


The success graph of Prisma is achieving new heights in the realm of photo editing apps. Mil.ru, a Russian internet giant, had invested $2 million in this app. As Prisma is becoming more compatible with Instagram, investors are expecting assured higher ROI shortly.


Images, painted with the help of neural networks, are stored in the server for a short time-period as they are important to improve application algorithms, image quality, and speed of operations. Prisma does not save the photos uploaded and downloaded by users in the app. It stores all the photos in an encrypted format and deletes them as soon as possible.

Exertions to Market and Promote the App

Prisma team had not invested much in marketing of the app. They applied as usual app marketing efforts such as App Store Optimization, creation of engagement metrics, video launch on YouTube, campaign promotion on social media, etc.

In compared to the traditional app marketing efforts, tremendous acceptance of Prisma is thanks to its user base. While people upload their Prisma pics at the popular social networking websites, it creates a temptation, curiosity, and interest amongst the users who never tried the app. They are inspired to use the app once to convert their pics into artistic portraits. Thus, Prisma team doesn’t need to do hard work to promote the app. It’s the app users who are promoting the app unconsciously.

Make over your random photos into the creative art by installing Prisma. Get the attention of your friends and families with unique and exciting portraits. Apply the cool filters of Prisma n your photos to receive appreciation across your network.

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