//App of The Month – Plan Your Next Vacation with Google Trips!

App of The Month – Plan Your Next Vacation with Google Trips!

Picnics, beaches, and ball rooms,
Just me and my honey bun;
Home-work they shout,
Is over and out,
Vacation’s just begun.


(A piece of mesmerizing lyrics from VACATION TIME by CHUCK BERRY)


“Vacation” is the word that brings a big smile on everyone’s face. It’s time for relaxation! Usually, I prefer to explore new vista. So when the holidays are about to approach, my travel plans are on. Being a part of the mobile app development company, I am habitual to discover new apps to address my time to time needs. Let’s say I planned my last vacation in Las Vegas during the holiday season using a cool mobile app Airbnb.

Now, it’s a time for another vacation. Well, the place is not decided yet, but yeah the app is installed in my mobile 😉 This time I want to go with Google Trips to plan my voyage. It is available on both iOS and Android app stores to download.

Introduction of Google Trips

Google Trips launched on 19th September 2016. The awesome mobile app can be a great trip planner or travel guide and helps you in unveiling new horizons and landmarks at an unknown place. It enables users to book hotels and tickets through the app only.

The app provides an editorial guide to 200+ cities and helps travelers by offering them personalized recommendations based on big data. Trips suggests your adventures by analyzing how much time do you have and what you are interested in. As it is a Google’s product, undoubtedly it carries fantastic UX with an easy-to-navigate interface.

How Does Google Trips Work?

Google has already facilitated users with Local Guides, an app where you can see business reviews for restaurant, café, and other places before visiting them. Launching Google Trips, the company has started using these components for the trip planning. Based on the review about the hotels, restaurants, cafes, and nearby attractions, users can make reservations. It helps users to book the most exciting places for food, drink, stay, and visit.

The app is quite similar to Triplt. It automatically pulls your travel information from the Gmail account of users and makes your journey smoother. Moreover, Google Trips allows users to plan the top places to visit in advance, receive flight alerts, share trip information, and enjoy the vacation with full of fun.

On Trips, you can check the schedule of public transportation as well as details on ride-sharing and taxi services. When you have everything at one place, life becomes more convenient and easy in an unknown place.

Breakthrough Features of Google Trips

Things To Do

Things To Do

Decide the places to visit for your pre-defined destination in advance. To finalize your holiday points, Google Trips allows you to check out the reviews posted by other users. ‘Things To Do’ feature contains the list of top attractions to see and things to do in a precise city along with personalized recommendations.

Getting Around

Another important part of the app is ‘Getting Around’ section. When we arrive at a new place, usually we are worried about how to reach an accommodation point or visiting places from the airport. Using this feature, users can have the detailed info about all the available transportation options. Get the info about a rental car, taxi, public transport, etc., along with a complete schedule and estimated fares.



No need to go here and there. Check out your reservations of flight, hotel, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. at a single place using the Google Trips mobile app. Get the brief information about each of your bookings at a single place.

Once you receive a booking confirmation email in your Gmail account, Google fetches the data of past, current and upcoming trips from Gmail and make them available in the app. Also, using the maps, you can find out the location of your reserved accommodation in unexplored cities.

Food and Drink

Google Trips enables you to search for popular restaurants and bars in the particular city. The app offers several options to choose from and try. Pick the best suitable place and enjoy your trip with fun.

Day Plan

Day Plan

This is the most intelligent feature where you can plan your outing based on the top places to see, things to do, and how much time you have. For example; if you are on a vacation of 5 days and want to visit California, then the app recommends you all the popular destinations to visit according to the time you have. Here you have the liberty to decide your places to visit and allocate the time for each sightseeing before reaching the destination.

Moreover, once you plan out your tour, you can access all the places to visit, things to do, and a map of the city in the airplane mode. Thus, no need to be dependent on Wi-Fi connection or incur roaming charges.

Latest Updates of Google Trips

All Reservations Available at One Place

We all know Google Trips fetches the reservation details from the Gmail. With new updates, the app has started to organize all your past and upcoming bus and train reservations along with the recent one. So, you can see all your bookings from a single window.

Stay Updated with Reservation Status

This is a new feature launched by the Google Trips. It keeps users updated with last-minute changes in their reservation status. Users need not rely on the email notifications. They can check out the app for booking confirmation.

To get the updates, users need to click on “+” button available in the bottom corner of the reservations section. Here they need insert the flight and airline number and name of the hotel, restaurant or car rental. Rest everything will be taken care by the Google Trips. Receive all the updates in your app, so no need not check the emails now and then. Users can also have an option of free–form notes.

Share Your Travel Information with Others

Users can allow others to view their travel information using the app. The person with whom you want to share the details will receive an email that contains all the reservation info. Users can see that person in the app as well.

Access Your Trip Plan in No Internet Zones

Google Trips allows users to download their trip in advance. It permits you to check hours, find nearby attractions, and review the saved places without internet connectivity.

I am ready to explore and experience Google Trips for my nest holidays. Are you?

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