//App of The Month – Instagram. Love It, Hate It, But Can’t Ignore It

App of The Month – Instagram. Love It, Hate It, But Can’t Ignore It

New Instagram is a perfect example of ‘If you can’t innovate then imitate’.

You must be aware of the recent controversy amongst two giants Instagram and Snapchat. It was a hot news for tech marketers and users that the new feature ‘Instagram Stories’ is closely lookalike Snapchat Stories. Well, it was not the fake one for sure. But this feature is not the heart of the app, it’s a part of it.
Facebook’s owned, Instagram has started updating their photo sharing platform since 2016 by releasing major changes in terms of UI/UX design, development to business strategy. In short, it was a great year for Instagram! Many updates are still on the way.

Unveil all the key upgrades of Instagram in brief with Intuz. Let’s start with the most booming update.

Instagram Stories (September 2016)

The most buzzed update allows users to mute other user story, save their own story, and edit the color of text and add emoji on the photos.

Mute the Stories from Specific Users

Mute the Stories from Specific Users
Muting the stories of any specific user is one of the highly requested features. In order to mute other user story, tap and hold other users Instagram avatar available above the feed. Pick the mute option. The immediate effect will be the muted user move to the end of the queue. To unmute, follow the same process and just tap on the unmute option.

This feature allows users to block spammy, annoying, and boring content. So, businesses have to be creative and mindful while posting the things on Instagram to stay off of the users’ muted list.

Save Your Own Story Automatically

To activate Save Story feature, tap on the gear icon available in the stories camera interface and flip “Save Shared Photos” button. Now, the app automatically saves all your stories. To save individual stories, you can tap on the three dots available in the lower right corner.

Change the Color of Text and Add Emoji to Your Story

Change the Color of Text and Add Emoji to Your Story
Not just post a picture, represent your personality by adding text with your favorite colors and emoji to your story. To add glowing text in your story, you need to draw the letters using neon marker tool.

Instagram Ads Gets Interactive (September 2016)

It’s an action-driven enhancement to Instagram ads that helps businesses to engage the users by publishing appealing advertisements on the platform. The updated feature contains a better call-to-action button that will be highlighted for the users who show their interest in the ad (by viewing it for four seconds or tapping on the company’s profile name).

Businesses can publish video link ads. When users unmute a video ad, they will land on the advertiser’s landing page. While visiting the landing page, users can watch the video parallel at the top of the screen. Thus, this can be an interactive platform for business to reach out to a large consumer base and increase user engagement.

Save Draft on Instagram (September 2016)

Save Draft on Instagram
With the new updates, users can Save Draft of their stories. In case, you have made any changes in your picture and clicked “back” button, the app asks you to save a draft of the edited image. If you have added any caption or filters or location, the app saves all the changes automatically by tapping on ‘Save Draft’ button. To reject the post, tap on ‘Discard’ button. If you have not made any modification in the picture, the app will simply land you on the home screen.

Filter or Disable Your Comments (September 2016)

Instagram has rolled out this new feature that allows users to block a few comments featuring certain phrases, emoji or words. Using the “Comment” tool, users can list out the words they consider inappropriate and offensive. Comment with the banned words will not appear on the post.

It helps organizations in removing the expletives comments. The feature also facilitates organizations to reduce the clutter of unnecessary comments and respond to genuine inquiries from customers.

Zoom In with Instagram (August 2016)

Zoom In with Instagram
Instagram users have a facility to apply Zoom on their photos and videos. Brands can grab this opportunity and insert more creativity in their business content, they are planning to publish on this platform. It improves user interest on the posts that are presented with deeper information.

“Events” – A New Video Feature (August 2016)

“Events” – A New Video Feature
Create a personalized video channel that contains the best videos of sporting events, concerts or other live events and displays them in a single channel. Well, this is also a replica feature of Snapchat Live Stories with more personalization. Login with Instagram to enjoy the events happen around the world!

Post any of the real-life event on Instagram that is popular enough and holds a considerable amount of content to create a channel. Right now, the platform is not allowing companies to post their ads. But in the future, there are possibilities that companies can post their paid ads and earn more business.

Instagram Business Profile (June 2016)

Special feature for businesses. Now, organizations can create their business profile on this photo sharing platform. It is quite similar to a business page on Facebook. A business account on Instagram facilitates organizations with a set of tools to get detailed insights and analytics on their stories. Company profile comprises a linkable location tag, a contact button, and a business category.

With the insights and analytics tools, businesses can track users’ behavior on their stories or activities and accordingly they can define and modify their future strategies.

Instagram Posts (June 2016)

All the organizations, having business accounts on Instagram, can use “promote” option to boost their posts. Convert your most popular posts into ads within the app and use it to get connected with more consumers.

To promote your ad, all you need to know is, pick a post that you have already shared and add a call-to-action button into it. Choose your target audience or ask Instagram to suggest users to you and then promote your post as an ad for any length of time.

API Changes (June 2016)

Instagram has restricted the access of its API. Therefore, some Instagram-related apps have shut down. Now all Instagram feeds are available on the main app itself. Users cannot check out Instagram stories on other apps such as Flipboard and Iconosquare. This helps in eliminating all spammy actions such as fake comments or likes on the posts and false follow/unfollow users.

Only Instagram approved apps are allowed to re-post any content that is originally posted on the platform. So, businesses need to be a partner with the Instagram approved apps to re-post their stories on different platforms.

New Logo (June 2016)

Instagram has changed their logo from a camera icon to a magenta gradient icon. On the release of a new logo, the company received mixed reviews from the users. Later on, people accepted the new logo and continued using the app.

New Algorithm Feed (March 2016)

It’s one of the biggest updates on Instagram. The platform replaced the chronological feed with an algorithm that would order the posts based on users’ relationships and interests. Well, people were not happy with this update.

New algorithm won’t affect the organizations who are posting unique content on their account. This can be a headache for those who post sub-par content, as they won’t get much exposure due to the algorithm. It is said that few brands lose their customer engagement because of the introduction of new algorithm feed.

Multiple Profile Management (February 2016)

Multiple Profile Management
Users can easily and quickly switch between multiple accounts of Instagram. The photo sharing platform allows users to create five different accounts and switch between their communities. Instagram is getting business centric, and it allows companies to stay engaged with their community through Instagram without having to log out and login to their account. So, now post your different stories on your different accounts and manage them with more ease.

It’s a complete makeover of your favorite Instagram. The app is attracting more and more users by launching the new breakthrough updates. Hope you are enjoying the new look and offering of this photo sharing app!

Being a leading mobile app development company, Intuz constantly analyzes all the latest update on each well-known app. Such practice enables our team to facilitate the clients with exceptional features for their mobile apps. Ultimately, our purpose is to be a true partner to our clients by helping them simplifying their business operations, increasing customer base and maximizing their revenue.

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