//App of The Month: Google Allo, Super Kid of M-Town!

App of The Month: Google Allo, Super Kid of M-Town!

Messenger-Town (M-Town) has had enough of residents. The big giants ruled the king down and the rest followed suit. When we though the competition was done for good for a while, the know-it-all daddy of internet, Google, just surprised us with an amazing new messenger that is blowing minds across the world. Say hello to “Allo” the newest member of M-town that we seem to think is smarter than its predecessors!

It may be some time before it gathers exponential users, like Whatsapp, but till then we are excited to explore what amazing new features and combination of right tools, Google Allo brings to the table.

Let’s have a tour of Allo’s killing features that promise users to have a more exclusive and inspired chat experience.

How Allo Works?

No need to create a Google Account to use Allo. Insert your mobile number and permit the app to access your contacts. Here, you can start a conversation with any individual and group.

It’s quite simple. What do you say?

Being an easy-to-use app, Allo has attained 4.2 ratings out of 5 with more than 5,000,000 users for it’s existing version on Google Play Store. It has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 for the current edition on Apple.

Unique Features of Allo

Google Assistance

Google Assistance
Get virtual assistance from Google to pull any information. Google Assistance enables users to access Internet and embed YouTube videos, search for the locations and ask private questions to a dedicated channel while a conversation is going on.

Direct conversation with Google facilitates users to get the things done immediately from the chat window only. Type @google in Allo to enjoy Google Assistance in any group chat or one-on-one chat.

Smart Reply Within No Time

Smart Reply
Smart Reply, the most innovative feature of Allo that makes the app peerless. Smart Reply analyzes your conversations and accordingly suggests the text for a message. For example; if your friend asks “Are you in a meeting?”, then you can send a quick “Yup” in response using this feature.

One can send smart reply for photos as well! Let’s say, if your friend shares a pic of his/her newly purchased dress with you to know your opinion, you can instantly reply your view to him/her with “Aww cute!”

“Whether you’re a ‘haha’ or ‘lol’ kind of person, Smart Reply will improve over time and adjust to your style of conversation,” said Google.

Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode
Security and privacy are the prime characteristics of all Google products. Allo also offers encrypted chats using various technologies such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) akin to other instant messaging apps. Apart from this, the app provides a new mode called Incognito.

Incognito mode allows users to make conversation with end-to-end encryption. The app also offers advanced privacy features such as message expiration, discreet notification, and so on.

Search for Conversation

With Google Allo, users can search for a phrase in any conversation. They can see all conversations having the same phrase in one screen.

Emojis and Stickers to Express Yourself Perfectly

Imagine a chat app without stickers and emojis. How boring it is! Google knew the user mindset very well, and introduced a vast variety of stickers that help users in expressing their emotions and mood.

Scribble on Photos
Users can increase and decrease the size of text or emojis by dragging up or down the “Send” button. Moreover, scribble on photos and create custom design stickers before you send.

Daily Reminders

Allo holds exceptional AI capabilities. With Google Assistant, the app allows users to receive daily content and set daily reminders. To get daily reminders, users need to ask the app to perform a task.

For example; if you need to check weather updates, Google Assistance gives the current results. However, to get the weather updates on a daily basis, you need to ask the app to send the results daily. Later on, the app will ask for a time to send the results. Once all set, Allo starts delivering the results on a daily basis until the user tells it to stop.

It is not limited to one task or reminder. Allo allows users to set as many daily tasks as they want. It can be anything such as daily news updates, fresh idea sharing, etc.

Find Emails from Your Contacts Easily

Google Allo helps in finding emails on specific topics and from precise contacts. Ask Google to fetch and display the emails related to a topic or contact. Google will show the two most relevant emails on the screen.

Allo is rolling out for Android and iOS platforms, by Google Inc. It has started to amaze users with its state-of-the-art features. Day by day, more and more iMessage and Messenger users are moving to this new platform to experience its unique offerings.

Have you tried Allo? No point in waiting anymore! Download the app and explore the exciting new messenger in town.

Intuz team is closely looking into every new update related Google Allo. To stay informed about upgrades on Google Allo’s upcoming version, read our all-time favored, freshly baked topics!

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