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App of The Month: Go Crazy with Pandora Music

Melody of music is powerful to change our moods and motions. Excellent compositions profoundly affect to our soul and surroundings and fill them with the lots of sensations. That’s why each song doesn’t appeal to us. We all love to listen a few particular genres and artists of the music. Usually, we prefer to listen songs through radio or a music app where we can have various options to choose from such as genres, artists, bands, albums, etc.

N number of radio and music apps are available in different app stores. But you have to find out the best match. The app must stream or contain the music that is suitable to your taste. While looking for the premium radio app, you might come across a few big names like Songza, Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, and many others. All these apps are amazing in their own ways. But Pandora is a bit unique from others. However, Pandora Music is different than all these due to its exclusively personalized radio experience.

Background of Pandora

Pandora App
It’s a music streaming and automated music recommendation service provider app developed by the Music Genome Project. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand only. Pandora covers all the old and latest songs from a variety of artists and genres so that users need to switch to another radio app to search and play their favorite musical selection.

The crux of this app is high-end personalization and intelligent algorithm. It also contains a few amazing features as well. Let’s unleash all the distinct aspects of Pandora Music one by one.

Brilliant Features of Pandora Music

Launch Your Very Own Radio Stations

Launch Your Very Own Radio Stations
A typical radio has various stations that are run by different Radio Jockeys (RJs). Listeners have to hear the songs that are pre-decided by RJs. Obviously, that may or may not be matching with our specific choice. Pandora is not like a standard radio station at all.

Here, users have the freedom to create their own radio stations where users can store and play the songs they love to listen. They can pick a large number of songs from versatile genres and artists, and add them to their playlists. If users don’t want to set up their own radio station, then they can play the songs that are already there in the app or from other users’ playlists.

Intelligent Algorithm

Pandora Music holds a smart logic to deliver an extremely personalized experience to the users. While playing the songs belongs from a particular radio station, users have the facility to post their negative and positive feedback for each track. Based on the user’s reviews, the app edits the playlists. On receiving an unfavorable response from users, the app stops to play the specific track instantly.

For example; if a user posts the negative review for an artist or song more than one time, the app will immediately ban the artist and remove the song from the user’s playlist. Next time, when the user plays the same track, the song or artist won’t be there in the playlist.


The app shows the lyrics of the streaming song in a pop-up box available at the bottom of the app. It delivers an entirely unique music listing experience to the listeners. Initially, users can see the first paragraph of the song’s lyrics. Clicking on “Full Lyrics,” they can view all the lyrics of a song. With Pandora Music, it is quite easy to understand the words and meaning of the song by reading the lyrics.

Find Out Other Listeners

If you like a song, you can check out who else holds the similar choice. Build up your community within the app by interacting with other people having similar type interest. To connect with other users, all you need to do is click on “Find other listeners” option and a list of people will be available to you who like the same track. From here, you can see their profile and interact with them. Moreover, you can check their playlists and bookmarked songs.

Social Media Sharing

Pandora app holds social media integration to facilitate users to share their favorite music on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t just post the song across your social networks. Use Pandora’s comment box to add a comment on your social media posts.

Pandora Plus

Pandora Plus
Under the Pandora Plus, users can enjoy the songs with ad-free streaming. It’s a mid-level subscription service that offers offline playback support to the users using a prediction mechanism, and more replays and skips. Ad-supported free users could begin to receive more replays and skips in exchange die viewing an advertisement.

Pandora Premium

Pandora Premium
It’s a new service that allows users to create and listen playlists of individual songs on-demand at the U.S.$10. Pandora’s smart algorithm recommends the songs and albums to the users by identifying their taste. Users can create the playlists of such songs in the app.

Pandora is also planning to introduce the machine learning and manual curation in the app to deliver more exciting and intelligent output to the users.
Intuz came across the Pandora Music while developing an incredible app Lyricnote. As we are habituated to track and analyze the latest updates in leading mobile apps of different categories, we again caught the app due to its recent release of Pandora Premium. Every month, we come up with a mobile app that contains dynamic yet simplified features. We would like to invite all of you to read our App articles to explore the latest industry updates.

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