//App of the Month: Dating Gets A Whole New Meaning with Hater

App of the Month: Dating Gets A Whole New Meaning with Hater

It’s a common belief that positivity drives good fortune for us. You might not be aware, but negativity can work out more than you expect. It’s not a fantasy; it’s proof. The best example of this fact is recently released mobile app Hater.

Usually, daters tend to share what they like most on dating websites or apps. They also look for the partners who stand for the same stuff. But this platform is completely different from other matchmaking platforms. Here, to find out a perfect match, users have to reveal their dislikes. Daters can make a pair and date the person having the similar types of hatred.

The broad acceptance of the app reflects the changing mindset of the society. No more need to be so sophisticated to find a perfect partner for you. Throw out your negative thoughts or hatred to get connected with the users who hold the same opinion as you.

Brief About Hater

The app is founded by Brendan Alper, the CEO of the app, who was a former Goldman Saches employee who quit his job and became a comedy writer.

Beta version the app released in December 2016. The official launch of Hater took place on 8th February 2017 on iOS platform. The Android version is expected to be available this spring. According to social science, people who have negative views on something share strong bonding, then the people who agree with the positive stuff. As per a survey, negative attitude promotes the closeness more effectively than a positive attitude.

Within the one and half month, the app contains more than 2000 topics on-board. Some of them are very trending such as Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, campaign, butt selfies, gluten-free, marijuana, slow walkers, build the wall, and much more. Since the app launched the most hated topics are Donald Trump, 2016 Presidential Election, and bullies.

Swiping Topics
Apler announced that the app would allow to publish user-generated topics in the near future. The app is quite easy-to-use with simple functionalities where daters can swipe up to love, down to hate, right to like and left to dislike.

Fame of Hater

Here we would love to share a few numbers with you that clearly speak about the growing popularity of Hater amongst users. Since the beta version released, the app has received an overwhelming response from the users.

Right now more than 310,000 people are using the app. Hater has 30,000+ daily active users on an average with one-day retention rates of 25-30%. As per Alper, Haters has 120,000 users around the world.

How Is Hater Different from Other Dating Apps?

Express Your Views on Topics than Photos

Most of the dating apps run with the concept of posting photos and sharing likes or comments on those photos. Hater has chosen to post topics over photos due to their future planning of strategic expansion. In the long time future, the app founder wants to target a larger audience and not only the daters. They want to make Hater big enough where everyone can share their views on any topic.

At this phase, the app does not allow users to post any niche topics to express their detested. So, some topics are getting tremendous reactions while others require more nuanced responses. Once users have the facility to create their own topics, it will be quite easy for them to catch up a true soul mate who has the same dislike on a particular topic.

Unveil Other User’s Personality

Meet Haters
By presenting the detested of people, Hater reveals the darker sides of the folks. Due to this uniqueness, Hater stands apart from the rest of the photo-driven dating apps like Bumble and Tinder. Topics or items you hate or dislike are given more weight in Hater’s matching algorithm. A few topics define the real personality of users. For example; the app includes numerous questions related to different topics such as cooking, travel, latest fashion trends, etc. Daters can reply as per their interest on each question and topic.

Finding Out Matches

Play Togather
As of now, Hater is focusing on to help users in finding out the best matches for their dates. Users can jump into a section to swipe on people’s photos. They can also get extra benefits of seeing their hates with an extra tap. The app allows daters to make a conversation with their matches as well as play cards against humanity type game with them. Users have the flexibility to edit their profile that includes Facebook pulled photos and other information such as age, gender, and match preferences of users.

Future Strategies of Hater

Alper is planning to extend the usability of the app and making it a social platform beyond a dating app. Rather than just connecting daters, Hater is aspiring to be a wider platform where everyone feels free to express their dislikes on any topic. This update will be available to users sooner.

In order to expand its boundaries, Hater is looking forward to set up a partnership with Cosmo. Big brands have also started approaching Hater to publish their products on the list of the app. This practice enables them to analyze the user’s response for the products based on who likes or hates those topics.
So far the app Hater and its journey are quite interesting and inspiring.

Being enthusiastic to try something new and different, Intuz always checks out the latest mobile apps that carry unique concept, amazing design, and seamless functional aspects. We found Hater more appealing in the category of dating apps due to it’s out of the box conceptualization. If you have similar types of a unique idea, then we are here to give the life of your dreams.

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