//App of the Month: Anchor “Radio by the People”

App of the Month: Anchor “Radio by the People”

Are you fond of podcast recording and sharing of soundbites of your own talking?

Seriously… then we are sure you didn’t miss Anchor. Or did you?

Anyway, it’s never too late to plan out your next podcast by reaching out through a new app or platform. Undoubtedly, Anchor is one of the best platforms where you can record, share and reply on short audio clips of yourself from your mobile only. The podcast is termed as “wave” in the Anchor community.

Simplicity and a bold exploration in the thin unchartered territories of app ideas is what makes Anchor the app of the month for October.

To explore what makes the Anchor so exceptional in its category; let’s have a start with the ideation of the app.

What Anchor Is all about?

When you listen to radio, there is always one-way communication. With Anchor, listeners can participate in radio discussions. They can record their short audio clip from their mobile, share it on the app, websites and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The app is available on Andorid as well as iOS platforms.

Why Anchor Stands Ahead in the Competition?


Source: Anchor

Voice recording is quite easy with Anchor. Simply hold your phone up to your ears, just like making conversation on the telephone. Anyone can create instant discussion to interact and respond on the audio. This was never so easy in the past. Once the audio is published, conversations can be shared as a podcast and available to hear all over the world.


Source: Anchor

When you are not talking, Anchor allows to choose any global collective personality available on the app and listen to their conversations and discussions on different subjects. Explore debates, discussions, humor and knowledge through a continuous stream of audio, just like listing to the radio. You can have a pool of information with you simply by tapping on Play.

Easy to Use

No need to register with the app. It’s an open platform for all user to create and share their personal audio clip and share with anyone who follows your feeds. It operates very similar to Twitter.

Variety of Sharing Platforms

Anchor allows users to embed their podcast in websites, blogs, and YouTube. It is quite easy to share broadcasts across different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Distribution Channel

No need to build up audio distribution network on the app. Share your audio clip on the social media platforms and reach out to your friends and followers. They can listen your audio from website or mobile.

Improved Engagement

All of your followers and friends can listen and replay on try audio. Thus, Audio creator and followers can start a conversation. It also permits multiple users to participate in a conversation. It works as an incredible engagement tool to coordinate, publish and distribute a multi-directional interview, virtual panel discussion, and expert conversations.

Tags and Caption

Users can have caption and tagging options that they can bring up after recording an audio clip. Caption such as Hashtag helps in navigating the audio clip in compared to other platforms. On the other hand, tagging invites individual to join the conversation and participate in it.

And that’s not all… Anchor promises to anchor itself in this domain in more engaging and creative platform in coming days. Our reviewers felt that the team at Anchor FM Inc have an incredible app that can charter into unexplored marketing and mass engagement models.

At Intuz, we are always eager to invite unique ideas and intellectual execution of them. If you are looking forward to have an app similar to Anchor, our tech enthusiasts would love to work with you. Share your project requirements now.

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