//App of The Month: Airbnb With New ‘Experiences’

App of The Month: Airbnb With New ‘Experiences’

Christmas is on the way! Holiday season is on! Are you done with your vacation planning? If not, then there isn’t gonna be a better opportunity!

Just like almost everyone, I am also planning to hang out with my friends this holiday season. We planned a round trip from Santa Clara to the city of Las Vegas. I know it’s a fabulous place. There are so many things to do and wonderful vistas to explore. Belonging from Santa Clara, it’s a completely new direction for our gang. So, identifying the best places around Las Vegas was a challenge for us.

Though it’s a new place for some of us who are from the east, we have already planned out our end-to-end voyage. We have done with bookings right from hotels, restaurants, casinos, bars, places to visit, events to attend, markets to explore, tours to join in, and some other spectacular things to do around. We have created a schedule for each day and list of activities to do. All these, and more with a single app that you would have never guessed: Airbnb.

No, I am not talking about any clone app. It’s the original Airbnb only, a home and hotel booking application that has taken over the travel industry around the globe.


Let’s get rid off your confusion. Airbnb is not merely a property booking app anymore! It has started serving a new experience to the tourists in an unknown city. Now, travelers can pre-book hotels, homes, restaurants, events, secret spots. etc. from the app itself. As of June, all the updates are available in a beta version.

Airbnb App – Updates

Airbnb App – Updates
Airbnb has gained momentous reputation as a home and hotel booking service provider a few years ago. Now, the company wants to reach a level beyond by incorporating targeted, personalized interactions into the app. In order to deliver a revolutionary experience, they have started to allow travelers to explore the places and things of their interest around the place they are staying, and make pre-booking too.

Time Management

It is time consuming to schedule your day after reaching to the particular domestic or foreign city. Plan out your day-to-day traveling schedule in advance with Airbnb. You can now “Try new cuisine” or “Go to see museum”, make reservations for both the options as per your convenience. Core focus of the company is to facilitate tourists with more targeted recommendations for things to do.

Advance Booking for Live Events

Apart from suggesting places to stay, visit and have yummy food, Airbnb allows visitors to check out the various live events going on in the area of their hotel or home. For example; tourists can view concerts, stage shows, steer shows, conferences, etc. They can also go for pre-booking of these events.

This feature helps property owners or local experts to earn some bucks by listing out the latest happenings around their area. They can create cinematic posters or create a video of the event and post it on Airbnb. Most of these experiences would cost the travelers under $200 only. Such offerings enable Airbnb to expand their business reach beyond just home and hotel booking services.

Exclusive Trip Experience

Once you have done with reservations, nothing is remaining except to start your journey. All you need throughout your journey is your mobile phone to check out what next to-do activity you are going to enjoy. Moreover, travelers can access their previous trip details as well to get the idea about things to do at the new place.

If you are planning to develop or update your app for this Christmas with innovative features and functionalities, share your ideas with our experts. Intuz team would like to work on your advanced concepts. We combine your vision with our technical excellence and deliver an incredible app that helps you in attaining more user base and installs.

So ready for taking your travel ‘experience’ to a whole new level, just like us? Enjoy `Tis Season with Airbnb. SAYONARA…

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