//10 Exciting Features of Android Nougat You Must Know!

10 Exciting Features of Android Nougat You Must Know!

Google surprised everyone by revealing the name of Android N on June 30, 2016. Yes, the official name of Android N is Android Nought. Most of the people were assuming, it will be Nutella. However, out of everyone’s expectation, Google has chosen Nougat over Nutella. One more dessert is added at Google’s tasty Android dishes.

Once the public release of Android 7.0 Nougat rolls out when Google unveils the new Nexus phone later this year, the true nature of the upgrade will be visible. The search giant announced several new features of the latest Android version. Here, we have covered few of them that affects profoundly on users’ expectations from Android N.

Top 10 Expected Features of Android Nougat

1. Automatic System Updates

Until the Android Marshmallow release, users needed to wait for few days to install the updated OS into their phones. In Android N, Google has addressed this issue as well. Whenever the device is connected to the internet, the new system updates will be downloaded in the smartphone/tablet automatically. So there is no need to wait for OTA notifications and updates. It also helps in resolving the problem of fragmentations.

2. Multi-Window Support

It will become quite easy to access more than one apps on the screen of your Android device. It facilitates users with better multi-tasking. Until now, multi-window mode was available in few of the Samsung and LG smartphones only. But now all Android users will be able to use this feature, as it is an integral part of the Android 7.0 Nougat.

View the map while checking the weather, watch Facebook while typing out a WhatsApp message, read out the news while watching a YouTube video and much more. Moreover, users can split the screen vertically or horizontally as per their preferences.
Multi-Window Support

3. Performance

Google promises that Android N will increase the performance of the operating system by introducing several aspects. A new graphic API named Vulkan is added in Android 7.0 to provide greater graphic performance on smartphones, tablets or desktop. There will be an integration of JIT-compiler that improves battery life along with 75% faster app installation, as the apps will be 50% smaller in size. All these are assumptions that we are expecting to turn into reality in near future.

4. Improved Doze Mode

In Android Marshmallow, Google introduced a battery saving feature named Doze. This feature will become better in Android 7.0. Previously, Doze only worked when the smartphone remained completely ideal for a long time. However, by enhancing this feature, Google commits that Doze works whenever the device screen is turned off. It simply improves device performance by optimizing memory resourcing that is used in the background of the mobile OS.

5. Keyboard Theme

There is a small, but significant change introduced in keyboard theme of Android N. Users can now have more themes and can select the suitable one as per their personalize taste for stock Google keyboard.

6. Enhanced Notification Panel

One of the most significant updates of Android Nougat will be in notification panel. These days, smartphones have to be compatible enough in managing floods of notifications. The new Android operating system improves the notification panel, as it allows developers to organize all the similar types of notifications into one. It helps users to reply instantly to any message or text through the notification shades itself, without having to open the full app.
Enhanced Notification Panel

7. Redesigned Settings Menu

Android Nougat introduces an enhanced settings menu. The new changes give a slick and clean look to the menu. Users can see their Bluetooth, RAM usage, Data usage, and so on at a glance.

8. Data Saver

Use the Data Saver feature of Android 7.0 to get more control over excessive data usage. Generally, this happens with the apps that continuously run in the background and consume the unnecessary data. Data saver permits users to select the apps for which they require unrestricted data access. Apart from the chosen apps, all others apps will stop to run in the background. It will reduce the redundant mobile data drain up.

9. New Emoji

Enjoy a set of new and updated emoji with Android N. All the quirky blobs will have a uniform appearance. Google will introduce 13 new emoji with the support of Unicode 9.0. When compared to Marshmallow, Nougat will have more humanized emoji rather than cartoonish.

10. Project Tango

It is not clear yet what Google will exactly introduce under the project tango. It is expected that 3D location mapping will be added to Android N OS for native augmented reality and gaming. Undoubtedly, it requires high-end specs to work with 6-DOF sensors and depth camera. Let’s assume, it will come with minimal requisites and specs as Google has included it in Android Nougat.

Bonus: Picture-in-Picture

Picture-in-Picture is specially designed for Android TV. It shrinks whatever going on the main screen to a small box and set the box at the corner of the screen. Users can run another activity on the main screen. It improves users’ productivity by allowing them to work with two activities parallelly.

Android Nougat is expected to be released later this year in the fall. So excited to experience how the Android 7.0 Nougat is actually sweet in real-time use? Stay connected with us to know the official launch of Android N final version. Meanwhile, we do share major updates and changes of Android Nougat that will be announced by Google.

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